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  • Build a Team of Prospects Game - 2010!

    Welcome to the 2010 version of the Build a Team of Prospects game. This will be the 3rd straight year I've organized one of these, and it will be the 4th one I've done after doing two of them last year. You can view the last two here:

    Basically, what you are going to do is create a team of 22 players (11 starters on offense and defense) using prospects from the 2010 NFL Draft and one player who is still in college. (I've decided to eliminate choosing a kicker and a punter this time around.)

    Also, since it has been an issue in the past, your team will be judged based on how it would work as a pro style team. (As opposed to a college style team.)

    There are, however, some limitations to the players that you can use. You only get to use the following amounts of players:

    1 top 5 pick
    1 top 10 pick (not in the top 5)
    4 1st rounders
    6 2nd/3rd rounders
    5 Mid-rounders
    4 Late rounders/UDFAs
    1 2011 Draft Prospect

    We will be using Scott’s most recent mock as a guide for who represents the top 5, top 10, and first round players. For example, Suh, McCoy, Berry, Clausen and Okung represent the top 5 players for you to choose from. Bradford, Haden, Davis, Baluga and Bryant are the top 10 players for you to choose from. The guys he has for picks 11-32 represent your first round choices.

    Since he hasn't done any rounds beyond that, there will be a little bit of guesswork going on. Just use your best judgment for who will be 2nd/3rd rounders, mid-rounders and so on. I will not be overly strict on this as long as you keep your choices within reason. For example, calling Colt McCoy a late rounder is not going to fly...but I'll be lenient for things within reason.

    Also for this game, you may choose any one player still in college football, who will be eligible for the 2011 draft to add to your team as well. It does not have to be someone who is a senior next year, it can be a junior or redshirt sophomore…as long as it is someone eligible for the 2011 draft.

    So there you have it. You have until 11:59pm Eastern Time on Friday, January 29 to post your team in this thread. At that point, I (and maybe some other well respected posters who’s opinions I seek) will sift through the teams and pick out the top 4-6 as finalists. After that, I will post a poll for everyone to vote on their favorite finalist team. The poll will be open until 11:59pm Eastern Time on Friday, February 5th. Whoever has the most votes at that time wins. For a reward, I’ll plus rep them and they get to gloat and feel good about themselves.

    Here is a team I threw together quickly as an example. It will not be included in the judging. Please stick to this format to make it easier on me to grade and rank the teams. It is very helpful if they are all uniform.

    Offense: Pro-style, balanced
    Defeinse: 4-3, aggressive

    QB: Tony Pike, Cincinnati - 2nd/3rd
    RB: Toby Gerhart, Stanford - Mid
    FB: Manase Tonga, BYU - Late
    WR: Brandon Lafell, LSU - 2nd/3rd
    WR: Mardy Gilyard, Cincinnati - 2nd/3rd
    TE: Dennis Pitta, BYU - Mid
    LT: Anthony Davis, Rutgers - Top 10
    LG: Mike Iupati, Idaho - 1st
    C: Chris Hall, Texas - Late
    RG: John Jerry, Ole Miss - Mid
    RT: Sam Young, Notre Dame - Late

    DE: Derrick Morgan, GT - 1st
    UT: Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska - Top 5
    NT: Terrence Cody, Alabama - 2nd/3rd
    DE: Ricky Sapp, Clemson - 1st
    OLB: Daryl Sharpton, Miami - Mid
    MLB: Daryl Washington, TCU - 2nd/3rd
    OLB: Boris Lee, Troy - Late
    CB: Patrick Peterson, LSU - 2011
    CB: Kyle Wilson, Boise State - 2nd/3rd
    FS: Earl Thomas, Texas - 1st
    SS: Kam Chancellor, VT - Mid

    Top 5: Suh
    Top 10: Davis
    1st: Iupati, Morgan, Sapp, Thomas
    2nd/3rd: Pike, Lafell, Gilyard, Cody, Washington, Wilson
    Mid: Gerhart, Pitta, Jerry, Sharpton, Chancellor
    Late: Tonga, Hall, Young, Lee
    2011: Peterson

    You can play around with the positions a bit as well. Don’t want a TE but a 3rd WR? Fine. No FB, extra TE? Fine. 3-4 defense instead of 4-3? Also just fine. Just make sure you end up with 11 players on offense and defense.

    Also, if you think it will help you out, explain a little bit about your game plan for each side of the ball as well.

    There we have it…I hope lots of people opt to participate! Good luck.

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    Offense: Pro Style, Balanced
    Defense: 4-3

    QB: Jake Locker, Washington – 2011
    RB: CJ Spiller, Clemson – 1st
    FB: Cory Jackson, Maryland - Late
    WR: Golden Tate, Notre Dame – 2nd/3rd
    WR: Danario Alexander, Missouri - Mid
    TE: Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma – 1st
    LT: Bruce Campbell, Maryland – 1st
    LG: Mike Iupati, Idaho - 1st
    C: Ted Larsen, N.C. State - Late
    RG: Thomas Austin, Clemson - Late
    RT: Ed Wang, Virginia Tech - Late

    DE: Greg Hardy, Ole Miss – 2nd/3rd
    UT: Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska - Top 5
    NT: Terrence Cody, Alabama – 2nd/3rd
    DE: Brandon Lang, Troy - Mid
    OLB: Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri – 2nd/3rd
    MLB: Daryl Washington, TCU – 2nd/3rd
    OLB: Roddrick Muckelroy, Texas - Mid
    CB: Joe Haden, Florida – Top 10
    CB: Amari Speivey, Iowa - Mid
    FS: Chad Jones, LSU – 2nd/3rd
    SS: Barry Church, Toledo - Mid

    (1) Top 5: Suh
    (1) Top 10: Haden
    (4) 1st: Spiller, Gresham, Campbell, Iupati
    (6) 2nd/3rd: Tate, Hardy, Weatherspoon, Washington, Jones, Cody
    (5) Mid: Alexander, Lang, Muckelroy, Spievey, Church
    (4) Late: Jackson, Larsen, Austin, Wang
    (1) 2011: Locker
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      QB: Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan, Late
      RB: Ryan Matthews, Fresno State, 2nd-3rd
      FB: Dorin Dickerson, Pittsburgh, Late
      WR: Damian Williams, USC 2nd-3rd
      WR: Jacoby Ford, Clemson, Mid
      TE: Tony Moeaki, Iowa, Mid
      LT: Antony Davis, Rutgers, 1st
      LG: Mike Johnson, Alabama 2nd/3rd
      C: Eric Olsen, Notre Dame, Mid
      RG: Sergio Render, VT, Late
      RT: Jason Fox, Miami(Fl), 2nd/3rd

      DE: Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech, 1st
      UT: Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska - Top 5
      NT: Linvall Joseph, East Carolina - Late rounder
      DE: Greg Hardy, Ole Miss, 2nd/3rd
      OLB: Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri, 1st
      MLB: Rolando McClain, Alabama, top10
      OLB: AJ Edds, Iowa, Mid
      CB: Patrick Peterson, LSU, 2011
      CB: Donovan Warren, Michigan, 2nd/3rd
      FS: Taylor Mays, USC, 1st
      SS: Kyle McCarthey, Notre Dame, Mid

      1 Top 5: Suh
      1 Top 10: McClain
      4 1st: Davis, Morgan, Weaterspoon, Mays
      6 2nd/3rd: Matthews, Williams, Fox, Johnson, Hardy, Warren
      5 Mid: Ford, Moeaki, Olsen, Edds, McCarthey
      4 Late: Joseph, LeFevour, Dickerson, Render
      1 2011: Peterson

      Saints 2014 draft wish list:
      - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
      - Corner or Wideout in the first
      - No reaching
      - No Kelvin Benjamin


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        Just a suggestion, but instead of the "guess work", you should just use Scotts top 100 rankings. For example, you get 1 top 5 ranked player, 2 top 10 ranked players, 5 top 50 ranked players etc etc.


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          Offense: Pro, Balanced
          Defense: 4-3

          QB: Jake Locker (2011)
          RB: CJ Spiller (1)
          WR: Dez Bryant (Top 10)
          WR: Taylor Price (Mid)
          WR: Shay Hodge (Late)
          TE: Jimmy Graham (Mid)
          LT: Charles Brown (2/3)
          LG: Drew Davis (Late)
          C: Maurkice Pouncey (2/3)
          RG: Marshall Newhouse (Late)
          RT: Mike Iupati (1)

          RE: Derrick Morgan (1)
          NT: Linval Joseph (Late)
          UT: Ndamukong Suh (Top 5)
          LE: Everson Griffen (2/3)
          WLB: Rennie Curran (Mid)
          MLB: Rolando McClain (1)
          SLB: O'Brien Schofield (Mid)
          CB: Donovan Warren (2/3)
          CB: Amari Spievey (2/3)
          FS: Chad Jones (2/3)
          SS: TJ Ward (Mid)

          Top 5: Suh
          Top 10: Bryant
          1st: McClain, Spiller, Iupati, Morgan
          2nd/3rd: C. Brown, Warren, Spievey, Griffen, Pouncey, C. Jones
          Mid: T. Price, Schofield, Curran, Graham, Ward
          Late: Hodge, Joseph, D. Davis, Newhouse
          2011: Jake Locker
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            This sounds like a fun game, and definitely one that i am board enough to do. And by the way, i wouldn't consider Davis a top 10 pick, but whatever.

            So here it goes.

            Offense: Pro Style, Power

            QB: Jake Locker, Washington (2011)
            RB: LeGarrette Blount, Oregon (late)
            FB: Rashawn Jackson, Virginia (late)
            WR: Demarius Thomas, Ga Tech (Mid)
            WR: Damian Williams, USC (2nd/3rd)
            TE: Jimmy Graham (mid)
            LT: Bruce Campbell, Maryland (1st)
            LG: Mike Iupati, Idaho (1st)
            C: Maurkice Pouncey, Florida (mid)
            RG: Sergio Render, Va Tech (late)
            RT: Vladimir Ducasse, Umass (2nd/3rd)

            Strategy: Run the ball and wear down D's which will open up lanes for the passing game. Let the big boys up front dominate with one of the better OL's and make teams commit to the run, and let a guy who is a great rout runner with good speed in Williams hit them with a short gain and burn them after the catch, or let Thomas and Graham use their big bodies to shield off defenders and make big catches. Also use some routs with the RB and FB out of the backfield. Basic Strategy, pound the ball.

            Defense: 3-4, Run Stopping

            OLB: Jerry Hughes, TCU (2nd/3rd)
            DE: Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska (top 5)
            NT: Terrance Cody, Bama (2nd/3rd)
            DE: Linval Joseph, ECU (late)
            OLB: Thaddeus Gibson, Ohio State (mid)
            ILB: Rolando McClain, Bama (1st)
            ILB: Brandon Spikes, Florida (2nd/3rd)
            CB: Joe Haden, Florida (Top 10)
            FS: Earl Thomas, Texas (1st)
            SS: Chad Jones, LSU (mid)
            CB: Donovan Warren, Michigan (2nd/3rd)

            Strategy: Allow my DL and ILBg to play run first, so that i can use my CB's, and S's to focus on the pass and my OLB's to just do what they do best and rush the passer. I got very instinctual leaders at ILB so that they will make reeds quickly and be able to break on the ball in their zone coverages and in the run game. I purposely got very good coverage S's and CB's so i could put them in alot of man coverage to counter alot of WR's, but at the same time, i purposly got big and dominate space eater type D linemen to keep my LB's clean and allow them to see what is going on in the backfield and make plays and reeds quickly. Basic strategy, let the playmakers make plays.

            Alright so...

            Top 5: Suh
            Top 10: Haden
            1st: McClain, Iupati, Campbell, Thomas (Earl)
            2nd/3rd: Spikes, Warren, Ducasse, Hughes, Cody, Williams
            Mid: Thomas (Demarius), Graham, Gibson, Jones, Pouncey
            Late: Blount, Jackson, Render, Joseph

            NOW who likes my beastly team?????
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              QB: Jake Locker
              HB: Montario Hardesty
              WR: Damian Williams
              WR: Mike Williams
              WR: Antonio Brown
              TE: Jimmy Graham
              LT: Jason Fox
              LG: Chris Scott
              C: Eric Olsen
              RG: John Jerry
              RT: Sam Young

              LE: Everson Griffen
              DT: Ndamukong Suh
              DT: Dan Williams
              RE: Derrick Morgan
              LOLB: Navarro Bowman
              MLB: Rolando McClain
              ROLB: Sean Weatherspoon
              CB: Dennis Rogan
              CB: Donovan Warren
              FS: Earl Thomas
              SS: Myron Rolle

              Top 5: Ndamukong Suh
              Top 10: Rolando McClain
              4 1st: Dan Williams, Derrick Morgan, Sean Weatherspoon, Earl Thomas
              6 2/3: Donovan Warren, Navarro Bowman, Everson Griffen, Jason Fox, Damian Williams, Montario Hardesty
              5 mid-round: Mike Williams, Antonio Brown, Jimmy Graham, Eric Olsen, John Jerry
              4 late/UDFA: Dennis Rogan, Myron Rolle, Chris Scott, Sam Young
              1 2011: Jake Locker
              Credit to BoneKrusher for the Sig
              RIP themaninblack


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                Offense: Pro-style, balanced
                Defeinse: 4-3, aggressive

                QB: Sam Bradford
                RB: Jonathan Dwyer
                FB: Manase Tonga
                WR: Brandon LaFell
                WR: Jordan Shipley
                TE: Dennis Pita
                LT: Trent Williams
                LG: Vladimir Ducasse
                C: Maurkice Pouncey
                RG: Mike Johnson
                RT: Bruce Campbell

                Probably the best line of any i've seen so far, which will give Bradford a lot of time to find his solid recievers and help Dwyer a lot. Not that Dwyer needs any help, because he's such a beast. I love my offense, there isn't any holes.

                DE: Cameron Heyward
                DT: Ndamukong Suh
                DT: Lamar Houston
                DE: Derrick Morgan
                OLB: Rico McCoy
                MLB: Rolando McClain
                OLB: Kam Chancellor
                CB: Perrish Cox
                CB: Trevard Lindley
                FS: Myron Rolle
                SS: Chad Jones

                The defensive line is quite literally unblockable, with the best DE in this class, the best DE in next years class and a game changing DT ilke Suh. Rolando will lead my defense just like he did at Alabama, Kam would bulk up a bit but I think he would be a much better LB then he would be a safety. Chad Jones and Cox are great guys to have in the secondary, Lindleys stock has fallen a bit but he is a very good physical corner and Rolles stock is low because of the fact that he might not even play. I would get a ton of pressure with my d-line alone and could have my LBs focus more on coverage.

                Top 5: Ndamukong Suh
                Top 10: Sam Bradford
                1st: Derrick Morgan, Trent Williams, Bruce Campbell, Rolando McClain
                2nd/3rd: Chad Jones, Brandon LaFell, Perrish Cox, Jonathan Dwyer, Maurkice Pouncey, Vladimir Ducasse
                Mid: Trevard Lindley, Mike Johnson, Jordan Shipleyzzz, Lamarr Houston, Dennis Pitta
                Late: Rico McCoy, Kam Chancellor, Myron Rolle, Manase Tonga
                2011: Cameron Heyward
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                  3 WR 1 TE, Pro-style vertical offense. Jake Locker has 4 receiving weapons who can stretch the field, five linemen within the first 3 rounds who can protect him without the necessity of keeping an extra blocker in and oh yeah, C.J. Spiller. Heavily reliant on the threat of the run setting up play-action, rollouts, bootlegs etc.

                  QB – Jake Locker (2011)
                  RB – C.J. Spiller (1st)
                  WR – Dez Bryant (Top 10)
                  WR – Mardy Gilyard (2-3)
                  WR - Jacoby Ford (Mid)
                  TE – Anthony McCoy (Mid)

                  OT – Russell Okung (Top 5)
                  OG – Mike Iupati (1st)
                  C – Maurkice Pouncey (2-3)
                  OG – Vladimir Ducasse (2-3)
                  OT – Trent Williams (1st)

                  4-3 tampa two in the mode of pre-2009 Colts. Two athletic pure pass-rushers at DE, a penetrating UT and one nose to try to hold the point. Three smaller, quicker LBs who specialize in dropping back in coverage, and a physical secondary. Reliant on the offense putting up points so they can concentrate on the pass.

                  LDE – Brandon Graham (2-3)
                  NT – Linvall Joseph (Late)
                  UT – Tyson Alualu (2-3)
                  RDE – Everson Griffen (2-3)

                  OLB - Daryl Sharpton (Late)
                  ILB – Donald Butler (Late)
                  OLB - Sean Weatherspoon (1st)

                  CB - Syd’Quan Thompson (Mid)
                  FS – Kam Chancellor (Mid)
                  SS – Major Wright (Mid)
                  CB – Chris Cook (Late)

                  (1) Top 5: Okung
                  (1) Top 10: Bryant
                  (4) 1st Rounders: Spiller, Iupati, Williams, Weatherspoon
                  (6) 2nd/3rd Rounders: Gilyard, Pouncey, Ducasse, Alualu, Griffen, Graham
                  (5) Mid Rounders: Ford, McCoy, Thompson, Chancellor, Wright
                  (4) Late Rounds/UDFAs: Joseph, Sharpton, Butler, Cook
                  (1) 2011 Prospect: Locker
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                    Balanced Offence

                    QB Jake Locker 2011
                    RB LaGarrette Blount Late
                    FB Manase Tonga Late
                    WR Demaryius Thomas 2nd/3rd
                    WR Damian Williams 2nd/3rd
                    TE Dennis Pitta Mid

                    LT Anthony Davis Top 10
                    LG Mike Iupati 1st
                    C Eric Olsen Mid
                    RG John Jerry Mid
                    RT Vladimir Ducasse2nd/3rd


                    DE Ndamukong Suh top 5
                    NT Terrence Cody 2nd/3rd
                    DE Dan Williams 1st

                    OLB Jason Pierre-Paul 1st
                    ILB Rolando McClain 1st
                    ILB Ryan D'Imperio Late
                    OLB Everson Griffen 2nd/3rd

                    CB Kyle Wilson 2nd/3rd
                    FS Major Wright Mid
                    SS Myron Rolle Late
                    CB Syd'Quan Thompson Mid

                    "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                      Some really good squads here. It's going to be tough to determine what team is better than the next. I think an explanation would be needed.


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                        I like how every single one of you all has used Ndamukong Suh as your top five guy.


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                          Originally posted by MetSox17 View Post
                          I like how every single one of you all has used Ndamukong Suh as your top five guy.
                          Well he is probably the only true elite prospect in the draft outside of Berry, and i would take a DT over a FS every day.


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                            Originally posted by MetSox17 View Post
                            I like how every single one of you all has used Ndamukong Suh as your top five guy.
                            How can you not?


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                              Are we using scotts mock for first round/ top 10/ top 5? and how do we tell where the rest will go?
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