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  • OG John Jerry [Ole Miss]

    I have been watching the Senior Bowl and the OL that has stood out the most to me is John Jerry of Ole Miss.

    At 6'6" 332lbs he is physically imposing, but it seemed that most people had him as a 4th or 5th round pick.

    After the last couple of days he has looked athletic and solid in pass protection stoning Dan Williams twice. Even more impressively he has looked like a true road grader in the run game.

    Where do you see John Jerry being drafted and what impact do you think he has?

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    ...In the end, probably a mid 3rd to mid 4th round player would be my guess.


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      even if he's had a good week, I'd say he's still positioned behind quite a few interior OL. Iupati, Pouncey, Ducasse, Mike Johnson, at least. and maybe Tennant, Asamoah, Render, too. he'll have a chance to jump that latter group, but D-Unit's projection sounds about right to me.


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        3rd-4th rounder WindyCity.


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          Played RT for the majority of his career until he was moved to RG halfway through this year. Was dominant at guard. Jerry has the size and raw strength you cannot teach, his future is definitely at RG. Don't know if he offers much versatility, probably could play RT in spot duty but he got burned by speed guys at times. Could have a nice career at RG especially for a power running team, I see him around campus a lot and he is definitely the most noticeable player on the team because he is so enormous.



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