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40-yard dash time prediction thread

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  • 40-yard dash time prediction thread

    does anyone wan't to guess the 40-yard dash times of the draft prospects this year?

    after the combine we can go back and check how well we did or didn't do.

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    Terrence Cody- 7 minutes
    Tebow- 4.64
    Every player from Iowa- 3.7
    Hi Mom. Send money!


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      Originally posted by CLong4Heisman View Post
      Terrence Cody- 7 minutes
      to cross the 10 yd mark

      Seriously, I'd say he does a 6.1 or so.


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        Some of the faster times I expect:

        Jacoby Ford - 4.26
        CJ Spiller - 4.28
        Jahvid Best - 4.32
        Eric Berry - 4.33
        Taylor Mays - 4.36


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            Originally posted by 619 View Post
            Some of the faster times I expect:

            Jacoby Ford - 4.26 4.31
            CJ Spiller - 4.28 4.34
            Jahvid Best - 4.32 4.4
            Eric Berry - 4.33 4.45
            Taylor Mays - 4.36
            4.38 for Mays

            Probably depends on the track, combine times lately seem a little slower (than pro days). Mine are in bold if anyone cares.


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              I don't think anyone breaks the 4.3 barrier this year....although I'd say Jacoby Ford has the best chance...

              I'm gonna go 4.32 for Ford...

              Spiller 4.35..

              Jahvid Best 4.38...

              Mays 4.41..

              I think Taylor Price, Riley Cooper, and Patrick Robinson are going to time really well...

              In fact...I think Robinson could crack the 4.4 barrier....I'm gonna say 4.39 for Robinson....

              Cooper 4.42...

              Price 4.40...


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                Jacoby Ford - 4.26
                CJ Spiller - 4.28
                Isn't anything <4.3 on the periphery of world class speed? Borderline Usian Bolt territory?

                Question: what about the shoes? Do they require them to wear fb shoes for the 40 like they do at various schools' Pro Days?


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                  Originally posted by LizardState View Post
                  Isn't anything <4.3 on the periphery of world class speed? Borderline Usian Bolt territory?
                  I wasn't conservative with those projections and they were probably more on the low end. I feel comfortable with Ford in that sub-4.3 category just in case you guys think I wasn't serious. Everyone else I'd probably estimate with a lower time on second thought. Ford will run a sub-4.3, guaranteed.

                  And Usain Bolt would run a sub-3.9 time on his worst of days, so I wouldn't consider it anywhere near his territory.
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                    Isnt Trindon (probably misspelled) Holliday from LSU in this draft? if so, im guessing 4.27, hes got some wheels


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                      Trindon Holliday and Jacoby Ford will have a side bet as to who runs the fastest time at the combine.

                      I say both of them run under 4.30. I'm going with Trindon Holliday having the best chance to break CJ's record. And yes, he could do it, his acceleration and top end speed is ridiculous.

                      Silverback....still the best.

                      +rep to Jakey for the sig


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                        I have a feeling Mays is going to disappoint with his 40 time.


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                          Mays - 4.36
                          Holliday - 4.22
                          Ford - 4.24
                          Gilyard - 4.35

                          Freddie Barnes - Oh wait...


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                            What kind of 40 do you guys think Gilyard will run?

                            I think he could shock some people with his 40. I'm predicting he runs a 4.42. JMO.

                            Riley cooper IMO could run a sub 4.4 40. People underestimate this guy's speed.


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                              Gilyard will run in the 4.3s, I'm saying.

                              Expect the same for McCluster.



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