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Sleeper DB Derrick Evans (West Libert State)

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  • Sleeper DB Derrick Evans (West Libert State)

    I think Derrick could be one of those small school sleepers that ends up a big time player. I am from West Virginia, then moved to California for school, but I am friends with Derrick's cousin. He apparently has a 40-plus vertical, runs in the 4.4s, had 10 INTs and 30 PDs this year at D2 West Liberty State. Not much out there about him, but I am sure the NFL teams know of him with those measureables and the production. Here's what I have found about him:

    Anyone got anything more? My friend says he could get drafted late or be a priority UDFA, though my friend may be a little biased being his cousin lol.

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    Really? Let's be honest. Derrick played ball in division 2 at a tiny school that played other terrible tiny schools. It is basically high school again, he had good numbers but in a D1 school, he wouldn't even have seen the field, and if he did, he would be playing much more talented competition and not done much against it.

    Everyone likes an underdog story, but this kid is blowin himself up, he isn't going anywhere but the couch to watch football. I hope he actually earned a degeee and in something useful.



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