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Official Your Choice Mid-Round Value Picks Thread

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  • Official Your Choice Mid-Round Value Picks Thread

    Time to let your scout flag fly before the Combine....

    Nominate & analyze your pick(s) for mid-round value players whom you've personally watched this last yr. in regular season or post-season all star games. Pick non-household name, non-headliner players who won't likely be picked before the 3rd round. Do some research & tell us why they impressed you.

    Montarrio Hardesty, RB, Tennessee Volunteers. 6-0, 225, 4.47 - 4.65, 4.55 avg.

    Very hard runner, move the chains type RB with excellent vision who hits the hole hard. Rushed for 1,306 yds. & 12 TDs his sr. yr. -- 3rd in SEC rushing avg. with 108.8 yds/gm. Very quick change of direction & exploits the cutback lanes. Short legs allow for lower COG & makes him hard for 1st tackler to bring down, not shy to get it done between the tackles. Good but not great hands, downside is concerns over injury history including a freshman med redshirt.

    Excellent choice for change of pace back who can back up the headliner & can count on him in short yardage situations & for 5-10 carries/gm.

    Draft strategic edit -- Select if there in the 4th or later (projected:6th-7th), immediate ST contribution.

    Chris Marinelli, OT, Stanford Cardinal. 6-7, 309. 2nd team All Pac-10 as voted by Pac 10 coaches, 2nd team AP All American in 09, & had a decent E-W Shrine game. Awesome run blocker who started 1st 6 games last yr. at RT clearing gaping holes for Toby Gerhart, played LT for 5 games & finished at RT in season finale vs. Cal & in the Sun Bowl vs. Oklahoma. Stood out for his downfield blocking in big games, especially the biggest upset in USC history in the LA Coliseum where Gerhart set the Stanford rushing rcd. -- most remember that game with Gerhart running left behind him glued to his tail when he plowed through Trojan LBs & DBs. Marinelli was a major p/o of Harbaugh's Cardinal 09 squad setting the school rushing rcd. with a staggering 2,692 yds & the lowest total sacks allowed rcd, very impressive even against comparatively weak Pac 10 run defenses. Was singled out by Dallas & Denver scouts on 8-18-09 at Stanford practice when those teams were in the Bay Area as Raiders & 9ers preseason opponents for how much he had bulked up since previsou yrs. to a solid 300+ lbs, I think they will remember him on draft day. Also some probably Patriots interest, Marinelli is from the Boston suburb of Dorchester, MA where he played at Boston College HS, Stanford stole him right from under the BC Eagles' noses. His father is an ex-NFL DE, his brother & cousin (at Penn) are current college DEs.

    This is a good run blocker who excels as a human road grader at his natural position of RT but is versatile enough to be a swingman for both OT slots. Downside: Slow feet, needs better technique.

    Dallas fan Draft strategic edit : If he's there don't think twice, take him! When Columbo (another Boston o-lineman) went down as the playoffs started, o-line problems happened, the team didn't recover, wish the Cowboys had him on the roster & oh, btw they love Stanford players in Dallas!

    Colin Peek, TE, Alabama Crimson Tide. 6-6, 255, 4.84 avg. 40 time (while recovering from ankle/foot injury). Georgia Tech hardship transfer whose clutch catching abilities were wasted when Paul Johnson & the Ramblin' Wreck went to the TE-less option offense, so he sat a season & played his sr. yr. only at Bama. Little known trivia: While at Georgia Tech he appeared on the MTV trash-talking show Yo Momma. Has the immaculate soft hands & runs precise patterns, but can surprise with his blocking abilities as he owned Ole Miss DE Greg Hardy in the 09 game, showing exceptional pass blocking & allowing Heisman winner Mark Ingram to run behind him most of the night while still catching 3 mid-range safety valve passes for 32 yds. & 3 crucial 1st downs. Caught 26 passes for 313 yds, with the 2 most important game winning clutch catches including the go-ahead score in the 4th qtr. at Auburn while clearly slowed by an ankle injury & wearing a brace. Downside: can he adjust to the speed of the pro game?

    Excellent red zone, very tall target with a deserved clutch receiver reputation, Peek does his best as a Dallas Clark/Jason Witten type TE who can be counted on to come down with the jump ball. Good choice for a team like Miami that runs the Parcells Special, the Heavy Jumbo 2-TE formation Parcells made famous while coaching the Giants.

    Draft strategic edit: select if there in the 4th-5th. valuable backup TE who can be another Bennett for Dallas in the red zone, recommended again for teams carrying max # of TEs.

    Ok let's hear it......
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    Do i have to do research?

    Riley Cooper- He could possibly do a Matt Jones and really stand out at the combine, will measure at 6-3 and 215 run around Jones' time of 4.39 and not look out of place at all in comparison to other WRs. I would grab him earlier than 3rd round but he could be there for someone to snatch up.


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      Al Woods-NT-LSU

      Was buried on the depth chart behind some great college linemen including Glenn Dorsey, Tyson Jackson and Ricky Jean-Francios but was a 5 start HS recruit and is a great athlete for a 320 pound man. I think hes got some serious NT potential if he can stay healthy because the system LSU runs doesnt really require to him do what his skills are and that is take up space

      Ciron Black-OT-LSU

      Coincidence that he goes to LSU too, but alot of people had him as the #1-#3 tackle before last season and despite a down year hes not a lost cause...he did some good things at the senior bowl and despite being pretty heavy footed he has some good potential at RT and G. I would guess a 3rd-4th rounder at this point but i could see him going even later ala Herman Johnson who despite being a mammoth was also considered to have poor conditions and be a heavy footed waist bender.

      Sam Young-OT-Notre Dame

      May very well go undrafted, but he played well for the irish....the biggest knock i ever saw on him was constant holding penalties. I think he would be worth a 6th-7th round pick....hes huge and played in a pro offense and really was a good blocker most of the time.

      Obrien Schofield-OLB-Wisconsin

      Would be a second round pick this season if he didnt tear his ACL, someone needs to take him in the 5th-7th despite having to spend his rookie year on IR because this man can get after the QB.

      Micah Johnson-MLB-Kentucky

      If the steelers cant land spikes or mcclain this is my next guy for a 34 MLB that can handle taking on a guard....hes got good range for a 260 pound MLB and while not the fastest guy he can do what we need him to do by making up for timmons lack of run support. I like him in the 5th like i wanted jasper brinkley last season


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        Threadstarter: Right on with the first two.

        I love the way Hardesty runs, and Marinelli, athletically limited as he might be, is one of the smartest blockers I've ever seen. Gerhart owes that guy a lot.

        Otherwise, Schofield is the obvious best value pick in the draft if he falls to the 5th. I have zero doubt that he'll be a good NFL player.

        I also really like Ciron Black as a guard. He always looked way better to me than Herman Johnson, who always kind of looked like a trainwreck to me.

        I disagree on Micah Johnson. Kai Parham all over again.


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          Re: Ciron Black. I'd move him to guard. I think he'd be terrific there. He lacks the footwork and agility to be a great tackle, though I suppose he could be coached into a decent RT. But at guard, I think he would excel.


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            CJ Wilson DE East Carolina- Good all-around DE, doesn't make a lot of great plays but makes few bad plays. Should become a quality NFL DE.

            Marshall Newhouse OG/OT TCU- Under rated. Has all the ability to make a team very happy being a fixture at guard for years to come.

            Keith Toston RB Oklahoma State- Will make a terrific #2 RB, don't see why Scott has him ranked so low.


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              Anybody else like Barry Church, safety from Toledo? He's got the production, he's got the size, and from the limited video I've seen he looks pretty athletic. Looking forward to his combine numbers.


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                I kept telling myself I was going to start a similar thread b/c the coverage always focuses on the top 2 round (ish) talents.

                Procrastination at its finest. :D

                Great thread. +rep.

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                  Where will Upchurch go? He was a backup, but I think he's got real skills and could be a nice sleeper. I doubt he's a mid-round pick though. Anyone know?


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                    LaGaroutte Blount and Toby Gerhart. Either one of these guys will be the Brandon Jacobs of this draft.


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                      Kendrick Lewis, FS, Ole Miss

                      Kendrick is really under-rated right now. In another class i think he might be a 2nd to 3rd round pick but with how deep safety is this year, i think he'll be a steal in the 4th or 5th round. Lewis is a bit raw as he converted from WR but he was one of the leaders of the Mississippi defense last year and showed he has a good amount of playmaking skills. As one would expect, he has great ballskills and glue for hands and covers a lot of ground but what I am really impressed with is his tackling for being a former offensive player, he is actually a rather sound tackler and led Ole Miss in tackles the last two years.

                      Andrew Quarless, TE, Penn State

                      Quarless is someone I expect to do really well at the combine but teams will still be iffy about him due to his off-field issues and lack of production in college. Quarless spent a large amount of time in JoePa's doghouse but he really turned things on this year and performed great down the stretch for the Nittany Lions. He has all the athletic ability in the world, if he focuses on putting it all together like he did in the last few games this season, he could be a top-tier TE at the next level.

                      Mike Kafka, QB, Northwestern
                      Jonathan Crompton, QB, Tennessee

                      Both of these guys have all the tools you look for from the QB position and both had mediocre college careers and then came on strong and put themselves into the NFL scene with great senior seasons. I think both could be good mid-to-late round guys that have the ability to be solid starters but are at worst top backups similar to what guys like A.J. Feeley and Billy Volek have been for the Eagles and Chargers for years.

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                        bump foar moar plz

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                          Originally posted by Babylon View Post
                          Do i have to do research?

                          Riley Cooper- He could possibly do a Matt Jones and really stand out at the combine, will measure at 6-3 and 215 run around Jones' time of 4.39 and not look out of place at all in comparison to other WRs. I would grab him earlier than 3rd round but he could be there for someone to snatch up.
                          Cooper will likely be gone by mid 2nd.


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                            Look at the line Hardesty was running behind this year and you'll be even more impressed. Starters potential IMO and if he's still there in the 3rd I wouldn't even mind if the Titans took him.
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                              Originally posted by RealityCheck View Post
                              Cooper will likely be gone by mid 2nd.
                              How many 2nd round picks do the Pats actually have?



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