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    Figured it's never too early.

    Ole Miss Rebels

    DE Kentrell Lockett 6-5 250 SR
    -Everyone knows about Hardy and his injury issues, well this is the guy who has been playing in his spot for the better part of two seasons. Lockett is a lanky guy but is very athletic and tough against the run for his size. He is the emotional leader of our defense and really can get to the QB. Many feel he has been the most consistent player on our very talented defense over the last two years, and has played without his hands in the dirt at times. Possible 3-4 OLB candidate.

    DT Jerrell Powe 6-2 330 SR
    -A potential Vince Wilfork type NT prospect. His learning disabilities are well documented, but Powe has emerged into a force and extremely hard worker. His talent is unquestioned, he can do things a man his size should not be able to do. Is extremely explosive off the ball and commands double teams, and has really benefited from dropping around 50 pounds in a year. This guy is not limited to a 3-4 though he may have the most value, certainly a guy to watch. Was the #2 recruit in the country at one point before word got around that his intelligence would raise red flags. When the coaches thought he was ready they turned him lose and he has been a force ever since, could be dominant next year.

    RB Brandon Bolden 6-0 225 JR
    -Bolden had an outstanding true freshman year, but with the early season focus on the passing game and the late season emergence of McCluster in the backfield he became sort of a forgotten man. Bolden is a terrific talent with ideal size and great athleticism, he is also a threat out of the backfield as a receiver. With McCluster gone and question marks at quarterback, Bolden should have a big role next year. During the beginning of our loss to South Carolina last year he busted a long TD run breaking several tackles and broke away from everyone else, but it was called back and many felt that was the turning point of his season as well as the Rebs as a whole. We have some talent at RB but I hope to see a lot of Bolden and fellow talented junior EnriqueDavis.

    WR Markeith Summers 6-2 200 SR
    -Summers has decent size and probably won't blow anyone away with his timed speed, but he is a great athlete with big play ability and big ups. Has been an outstanding blocker for us and his hands have been improving as well. Next year will be huge for him with Hodge and Dex gone, but he has great talent and with the recent success of some Rebel wideouts he is one to watch. He doesn't have Mike Wallace speed, but like Wallace has been steadily improving and could be poised for a big senior year if has someone throwing it to him.

    SS Johnny Brown 5-11 210 SR
    -Brown is a talented athlete who developed into a very good all around safety for us last year. He is a playmaker and very solid in the run game. Brown looked like a potential all-SEC player early on but battled some injuries as well as swine flu as the season progressed, he will need to step it up next year with Kendrick Lewis gone opposite him at FS.

    DT Lawon Scott 6-1 330 SR
    -Scott is a big body and has some pretty good athleticism. He is very tough and stout against the run, could be a potential 3-4 NT candidate.

    DT Ted Laurent 6-0 305
    -Ted rounds out what looks to be another tough Ole Miss DL. He doesn't have the size of Powe or Scott, but is a pentrator with great quickness. He came to Ole Miss with high expectations and has been a solid performer; but he has had Peria Jerry, Scott, and Powe to battle for time with constatnly. Will be a 4-3 guy and probably projects best to a 3 technique there.
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      Penn State is pretty light for 2011...Evan Royster and Stefan Wisniewski are about it. Not many seniors anyway.


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        Love me some Ole Miss...Powe and Lockett are already two of my favorite prospects for next year. I wish Powe had come out this year...


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          Pittsburgh Panthers

          Jonathan Baldwin - Wide Receiver - Jr.
          Greg Romeus - Defensive End - RS Sr.
          Jason Pinkston - Offensive Tackle - RS Sr.
          Jabaal Sheard - Defensive End - Sr.


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            Originally posted by underscore View Post
            Penn State is pretty light for 2011...Evan Royster and Stefan Wisniewski are about it. Not many seniors anyway.
            This. We have a few other guys that are going to be juniors/sophomores and such but those are the two big guys. Other seniors with chances to get drafted: WR Graham Zug, WR/TE Brett Brackett, DT Ollie Ogbu, OL Lou Eliades, and LBs Chris Colasanti and Bani Gbadyu
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              Florida State Seminoles:

              Christian Ponder QB
              Jarmon Fortson WR(Junior)
              Ryan McMahon OC
              Rodney Hudson OG
              Nigel Bradham LB ( Tho I think he needs to improve a ton but his size and athleticism would get him drafted)


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                ND Fighting Irish

                Kyle Rudolph (jr)
                Michael Floyd (jr)
                Trevor Robinson (jr)
                Ethan Johnson (jr)
                Chris Stewart
                Armando Allen

                ND has some serious issues if all the good juniors go pro, would seriously set them back a LOT

                Saints 2014 draft wish list:
                - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
                - Corner or Wideout in the first
                - No reaching
                - No Kelvin Benjamin


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                  Sam Acho - DE
                  Curtis Brown - CB
                  Chyckie Brown - CB
                  Aaron Williams - CB (Jr).
                  Christian Scott - S
                  Jared Norton - LB

                  Malcolm Williams - WR
                  Kyle Hix- OL
                  Michael Huey - OL


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                    Marcel Dareus - DT

                    Dont'a Hightower - LB

                    Mark Ingram - RB

                    Julio Jones - WR

                    William Vlachos - C

                    Mark Barron - FS

                    James Carpenter - OT

                    Marquis Maze - WR


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                      Tennessee Vols
                      - Nick Stephens, QB, 6'4" 227 lbs.

                      - Kevin Cooper, FB, 6'0" 247 lbs.

                      - Luke Stocker, TE, 6'6" 245 lbs.

                      - Gerald Jones WR, 6'0" 200 lbs.

                      - Denarius Moore WR, 6'1" 190 lbs.

                      - Aaron Douglas* (RS Soph), LT, 6'6" 285 lbs.

                      - Jarrod Shaw, OG, 6'4" 330 lbs.

                      - Chris Walker, DE/OLB, 6'3" 235 lbs.

                      - Ben Martin, DE/OLB, 6'3" 240 lbs.

                      - Gerald Williams, DE/OLB, 6'4" 250 lbs.

                      - LaMarcus Thompson, OLB, 6'1" 225 lbs.

                      - Savion Frazier, LB, 6'2" 220 lbs.

                      - Art Evans, CB, 6'1" 175 lbs.

                      I realize all of these guys won't get drafted, but they all have a chance depending on how they do the upcoming season. I'll probably update this post a little later with a short blurb on each guy and projected draft spot.
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                        Originally posted by JHL6719 View Post

                        Marcel Dareus - DT

                        Dont'a Hightower - LB

                        Mark Ingram - RB

                        Julio Jones - WR

                        William Vlachos - C

                        Mark Barron - FS

                        James Carpenter - OT

                        Marquis Maze - WR
                        If they declare those guys should be first rounders.

                        The Twitters


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                          North Carolina Tarheels Returners

                          Kendrick Burney - 2nd round
                          Marvin Austin - 1st
                          Quan Sturdivant - 2-3rd
                          Duenta Williams - 1st
                          Bruce Carter - 1st
                          Robert Quinn - Top 10 pick

                          Shaun Droughn - 3-5
                          Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds
                          Coples is that dude.
                          Go Amare. I Love Tayshaun Prince...

                          Orioles - Raiders - UNC - Nuggets/Wizards


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                            LT Gabe Carimi Sr. rd 1
                            -Will be one of the top LT prospects in next years draft

                            RB John Clay Jr. rd 1-2
                            - think he compares best to Brandon Jacobs, big powerful back who once he gets going he is miserable to bring down

                            C John Moffitt Sr. rd 2-3
                            -A top center who can play guard. Could be a very good pro.

                            WR Nick Toon Jr. rd 2-3
                            -loaded WR group hurts him a bit and think he would stay for senior year. Showed brillant flashes this season with a horrible QB. Tolzien is aweful

                            DE J.J. Watt Jr. rd 2-3
                            If he stays til his senior year may be a first round pick. Caused havoc all season and is extremely athletic for his 6'6 290 and is only going to get better and more distruptive

                            TE Lance Kendricks Sr. rd 4-5
                            -typical UW TE very athletic, great hands but still needs to improve blocking and add bulk (236 lbs)

                            RT Josh Oglesby Jr. rd 4-5
                            - pontential but still needs a lot of work, 4-5 is being nice, needs to stay for senior year.

                            SS Jay Valai Sr. rd 5-6
                            -Alright SS, very good tackler and can lay the lumber. Not top notch in coverage

                            WR/RT David Gilreath Sr. rd 6
                            -Had a down year but over his 2 seasons was an elite Kick/Punt returner. could be a okay slot wr
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                              Cameron Heyward-DE (6'5"/290) first round pick right now

                              DeVier Posey-WR (6'2"/205) JR mid-late first/early second round pick right now

                              Terrelle Pryor-QB (6'5"/235) JR first or second rounder as an athlete alone (not expected to leave early since he's a raw QB)

                              Ross Homan-LB (6'0"/230) probably a second or third rounder. scouts like him apparently

                              Chimdi Chekwa-CB (6'0"/185) third or fourth rounder

                              Devon Torrence-CB (6'0"/200) third or fourth rounder with late first-second round potential with a big senior year

                              Justin Boren-OG (6'3"/320) probably third round

                              Brandon Saine-RB (6'1"/215) likely between rounds 5 and 7

                              I expect 7 guys drafted (Heyward, Posey, Chekwa, Torrence, Saine, Homan, and Boren) with Pryor coming back and Posey leaving early
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