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    Is it me or does any one else think that this guy is the perfect UT in a one gap system? 6 FOOT 1, 293 and ran a 4.75 40. Plus put up 34 reps of 225. The guy is having one hell of a combine. I know he's been a little disappointing the last two years. But he did have a 7.5 sack season so you know he can get after the Qb. I hope Tampa can pick him up with our 3rd rounder.

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    Looked great in the senior bowl as well. Really hard to place DTs in such a deep draft but I figure mid-to-late 2nd. SOMEBODY has to get overlooked on draft weekend though.


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      What kind of D did they play at UG? I know they let there DC go after this last season, but was Atkins not in the right system? Or did he just not take his game to that next level? A little of both maybe.


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        I hope the panthers can get him in 3rd.He would be a perfect fit for Ron Meeks defense.


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          Atkins is looking like the prototype gap-shooting under tackle right now. He looked virtually unblockable at the senior bowl. I saw every one of his games at Georgia, and while it can be said that he didn't show this kind of ability during his whole time there, I'm not prepared to write off the effect that Willie Martinez's VERY bland, vanilla defense had on any of his players' performances. I can't wait to see what Geno will do at the next level. He's going to be an absolute steal if he makes it to the third round.


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            I've watched him many times and have no idea if he'll be average or good.


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              i love this player as a 1 down specialist... 3rd down get him on the field to rush the passer inside. Doesn't matter if you are running a 3-4 or 4-3 because he's not gonna really help against the run on 1st and 2nd down. (he helps more in a 4-3 like colts or eagles) but on 3rd down he's about as good as it gets inside pushing the pocket.
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