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Your top 5 sure-fire prospects.

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  • Your top 5 sure-fire prospects.

    List the top 5 prospects who you consider to be the "surest things" in terms of success at the next level at their respective positions.

    For me it's:

    1. Eric Berry - There's almost no way this guy isn't a perennial Pro Bowler at the next level. He has the physical tools and mental tools to dominate the backfield. His production is impeccable and his combine workout was very impressive. Barring freak injury, I predict multiple Pro Bowl appearances for this safety.

    2. Jerry Hughes - This guy led the nation in sacks in college. He ran a 4.69 40 at near 260lbs, and looked fluid and agile in all of his combine drills. This is another case of a very productive college player who had a tremendous combine performance. He's also a high-character prospect with great work ethic and energy. I predict a Pro Bowl career for this guy as a 3-4 rush linebacker without hesitation.

    3. Bryan Bulaga - To me, this guy looks like the most natural pass-protector among the offensive tackles in this draft. There's something about his intelligence, work ethic, and physical tools that makes me think he will be the more sure-fire OT prospect of this draft. While I think other tackles like Okung and Campbell might have higher ceilings, I really like this guy as a worry-free NFL-ready LT.

    4. Sean Weatherspoon - Something about this guy screams "stud MLB". He seems to have the fire to play, and he has the potential to be a great leader. He was spectacular in all of the LB drills, and he just looks like a natural athlete. Could even be similar to Patrick Willis in terms of production at the next level.

    5. C.J. Spiller - He ran one of the fastest 40 times in the combine, and is rightfully labeled as the premiere running back of this year's draft. Players with this kind of speed and agility simply don't fade away into obscurity in the NFL unless they have serious character issues or injury issues, which Spiller seems mostly free of, unlike Jahvid Best. To me, he has the potential to be the next Marshall Faulk, but even if he never reaches his full potential, he will undoubtedly at least be a highly productive back.

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    Okung - OTs have a low bust rate, and Okung is a good one.
    Suh - Duh.
    Bulaga - See Okung.
    Bradford - See Sanchez, Mark.
    Alex Carrington - Wait and see.


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      1. Berry
      2. Brandon Graham-As a 3-4 outside linebacker I think he will be sick
      3. Weatherspoon
      4. Suh-He seems to show up in big games, but I would say it depends on what people expect out of him since he is a DT.
      5. Spiller-He is a big play waiting to happen.


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        suh, berry, weatherspoon


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          Eric Decker
          Gerald McCoy
          Dez Bryant
          Eric Berry
          Sean Weatherspoon


          Originally posted by JordanTaber
's rocket surgery now, folks.


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            1. Gerald McCoy, DT Oklahoma
            2. Eric Berry, S Tennessee
            3. Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska
            4. Jared Odrick, DT Penn State
            5. Brandon Graham, DE Michigan


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              Suh, Berry, Hughes, Earl Thomas, and Dez Bryant


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                I really like Brandon Graham too, but I have a slight, slight reservation about Graham's height, and the possibility that he will be misused in a 3-4 (I think he's a pure 4-3 DE) because he will probably struggle in coverage .

                Okung is on the same level as Bulaga to me, so both Bulaga and Okung to me are the most sure-fire LTs. Both should be studs.

                I'm still unsure about Suh and McCoy. There is a great chance they turn into stud DTs, but there are question marks for both, in my mind that stop them from being sure-fire Pro Bowlers, in my opinion, anyway. I'm not saying they will bust, but I'm uncertain as to how much they stand out in the NFL as DTs.

                Earl Thomas and Taylor Mays both are question marks for me. Neither one is quite as sure-fire as Eric Berry. Berry is just ... unbelievably talented and the only thing holding him back from being a Pro Bowler is a freak injury. Most sure-fire safety I've ever seen. Thomas and Mays have some potential, but neither can possibly compare to how flawless Berry is in every aspect of his game.

                Again, this isn't about "potential"... it's about who you think is a sure thing. No question marks whatsoever in terms of what they are going to be doing at the next level.


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                  1. Ndamukong Suh
                  2. Sean Weatherspoon
                  3. Eric Berry
                  4. CJ Spiller
                  5. Kareem Jackson

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                    - Eric Berry
                    - Damian Williams
                    - Mike Iupati
                    - Ndamukong Suh
                    - Sean Weatherspoon
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                      Originally posted by Morton View Post
                      I really like Brandon Graham too, but I have a slight, slight reservation about Graham's height, and the possibility that he will be misused in a 3-4 (I think he's a pure 4-3 DE) because he will probably struggle in coverage .
                      I don't think Graham's height will be an issue since he is about the same height as James Harrison as far as coverage though you can't really tell until he does it but I think if he were used mainly as a pass rusher for a year while learning coverage, then in his second year he could do everything.


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                        suh, berry, weatherspoon, thomas, and cody (<--yeah i said it, he can be fat and take up space for the next 12 years)


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                          Suh, Okung, McClain, Berry, and..... Jimmy Clausen


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                            Bryan, obviously

                            Eric Berry

                            Brandon Graham

                            Ryan Mathews

                            The Pouncey kid


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                              1. Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
                              2. Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB, Texas
                              3. Kareem Jackson, CB, Alabama
                              4. Jared Odrick, DT/DE, Penn State
                              5. Ricky Sapp, DE/OLB, Clemson

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