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McClain vs Ryans

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  • McClain vs Ryans

    So I was wondering what the opinion is between Rolando McClain and Demeco Ryans as pro prospects. I remember liking Ryans as a player coming out, but I don't think he was as good a player as McClain was. Anybody with a better memory than mine wanna chime in?

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    They're incomparable. Ryans was supposed to be a WLB prospect, but somehow worked out for the Texans at MLB (a la Vilma).


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      McClain is bigger more explosive but Ryans to me was quicker. Dont make me pick between the two at the NFL level.


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        Alabama didnt get a much pub back then when Ryans was playing so he was pretty much under the radar as well. McClain I believe is going to get over analyzed and slip a bit in the draft but still get drafted in the middle of the 1st round. His leadership skills, passion, and other intangibles were off the charts for the most part. I can only remember him getting hot headed during the National Championship game. Definatly a guy that I would want on my team.

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