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Could Gerald McCoy Drop out of the top 5?

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  • Could Gerald McCoy Drop out of the top 5?

    I was just thinking about this scenario.

    What if the Rams end up taking Sam Bradford at 1 and then the Lions take Russell Okung at 2. Tampa would then take Suh at 3 and where does that leave Gerald McCoy?

    Its not like this is entirely impossible as the Rams biggest position of need is QB and Bradford would have been #1 overall if he decalred last year.

    The Lions witnessed first hand what happens to a 80 million dollar investment at QB when he has no one to protect his blind side. Thats where they can clearly take Russell Okung and they dealt for Corey Williams to play DT and signed Vanden Bosch.

    It is clear Suh would then go to Tampa. So where does that leave McCoy? WOuld Washington take him to play DE in the 3-4? If he gets by Washington, I don't see Kansas City taking him as they have Dorsey and Jackson. Maybe Seattle could take him. I don't see him falling past 7 as Cleveland has expressed interest in him being a 3-4 end.

    Its just a question to ponder. Let me know what you think.

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    Im sure some team will trade up if he falls to KC

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      if suh dropped out of the top 2 than yes mccoy could drop out of the top 5

      alot of "ifs" in that scenario
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        I'm actually starting to believe that Suh or McCoy will be available at 5 and will allow the Chiefs to trade down because of it.

        Okung will likely be the pick for the Lions because of his super combine workout (Davis had a not so good workout and I highly doubt Bruce Campbell goes before #8 [or after]).

        If Bradford, Clausen, Okung, and Suh/McCoy are the top 4 picks then that will make McCoy/Suh the 5th pick though. It will just be by someone else not in KC (because KC can't have 3 top 5 picks at 5-tech and neither can play 0-tech).
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          That's the scenario I'm hoping plays out. I'd love to trade out of that pick, maybe down to 10-11 around there.

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            i cant imagine mccoy falling past the skins in your scenario. at a minimum they should be able to get decent enough trade value from someone wanting to move up for mccoy.


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              Yes, he could.

              Though I agree that the trade talks would start with Washington at 4. 4 and 5 would both be very attactive picks for the teams in the market for McCoy, Clausen, or even Bryant & Berry.

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                But here is the other question, who would trade up? Every scout in the league says he would be a terror in the 4-3 and is best suited to play under tackle. Which team would make the deal? Jacksonville? Seattle? New York Giants?


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                  I've thought for some time now that Berry or McCoy (or even Bradford for that matter) could drop to Seattle at #6. That sort of puts them in a position where they have to come off going with an OT there and going for BPA.


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                    I heard most teams have McCoy rated above Suh (less injury ?s and a better pass rusher apparently). But yeah, I think if Detroit takes Okung then either Suh or McCoy (whoever Tampa doesn't take) could fall out of the top 5 to Seattle.


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                      Isn't McCoy the better fit in a Tampa 2 scheme? So in this scenario it is possible that the Bucs take him over Suh. Washington would probably then take Suh to play in their 3-4 though.


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                        I have a feeling that in that scenario, it would be Suh who falls, bc Tampa would prefer McCoy over Suh since he's more of a prototype Tampa 2 UT.

                        In fact, it would not shock me at all if McCoy is #1 on their board, not Suh.


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                          None of you will be alive to see who gets picked at #3 if the Lions don't pick Suh at #2. I'll blow up the whole world.


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                            Originally posted by Lions WMD View Post
                            None of you will be alive to see who gets picked at #3 if the Lions don't pick Suh at #2. I'll blow up the whole world.
                            hahahahaha so good.

                            i am not nearly as high on mccoy as others...he could drop out of the top 5 and i wouldnt be shocked


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                              At this point I can't see either falling out of the top 5, although I think McCoy is a little overrated.
                              Of the two, I think McCoy will have the slower adjustment to the pro game; learning to use his hands better, diagnosing plays, improving his overall strength.



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