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    Has anyone been following him, he is a former QB turned WR who didn't look out of place in WR drills at the Senior Bowl, has great size at 6'3 226 and looked great in his pro day. I like this guy a lot and can be moving up, I read or heard somewhere that 3rd round wouldn't suprise him

    'At Alabama-Birmingham, QB Joe Webb, who has been projected as a WR in the NFL, put up some outstanding numbers at the Blazers pro day. The 6-3, 226-pound Webb reportedly ran the 40 in the mid-4.4 range while recording figures of 42.5 in the VL and 11.5 inches in the BJ (both of which would have been the top figure among wideouts at the combine); same for his 21 reps in the bench press, while Webb also ran under 4.0 seconds in the short shuttle which again would have been tops at the combine.'
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    Personally I would put him as an H Back move him around all over the field and use his speed to exploit LBs in coverage. Some team with a creative OC will have a nice weapon at thier disposel

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      I like Webb. He was one of my Top 5 Scouting Combine snubs.

      I'd bring him in as a late rounder, develop him as a #3 QB and let him contribute as a Wildcat and WR in the meantime. Definitely a draftable prospect in my opinion.
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        I agree.
        Webb will be a steal for a wildcat offense.
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          Matt Jones?

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            i mentioned him in my senior bowl videos thread a while back and talked about him on the saints team board over a month ago.

            his measurements don't suprise me. i was impressed enough having seen the workouts in february. you could just tell that the kid was an athlete.


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                Originally posted by DeathbyStat View Post
                Matt Jones?
                Yah, kinda... Except for all that white stuff on his nose...


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                  showed some strong hands and was real physical out wide at the senior bowl


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                    Julian Edelman 2.0.


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                      I know the Steelers were at his Pro Day and interviewed him at the Senior Bowl. They seem interested.


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                        Originally posted by RealityCheck View Post
                        Julian Edelman 2.0.
                        Kinda, if your thinking in terms of athletic QB turned WR, but Webb is bigger and faster, and probably more athletic overall. But yah, i can see that type of success though, and the good transition.


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                          Originally posted by nofalcons10 View Post
                          Thanks for that vid of Webb.


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                            I would love for the Vikings to take a flier on him in the 6th/7th round.

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                              Originally posted by RealityCheck View Post
                              Julian Edelman 2.0.
                              How in the hell is a 6'3 big armed quarterback with 4.4 speed who has spent fairly significant time wide receiver in the past anything like a 6'0, 4.5 mostly quickness guy? Microcosm, but that's like comparing Demaryius Thomas to Mardy Gilyard. Please put a little more thought into your posts.

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