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Is Anyone Else Not Impressed By This Year's OT Crop?

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  • Is Anyone Else Not Impressed By This Year's OT Crop?

    I'm just not really that sold on any of this year's offensive tackles

    Russell Okung is solid and looks great at times but was dominated by Von Miller of Texas A&M a fine speed rusher.

    Bulaga might be better on the right side and its not a good value to take a right tackle in the top ten. Also he was dominated by Brandon Graham.

    Trent Williams proved at the combine that he is more athletic than most people gave him credit for but his best position might be on the right side.

    Anthony Davis has questionable work ethic.

    I don't feel Vladimir Ducasse or Iupati are going to play tackle in the NFL.

    Bruce Campbell is terrible on tape.

    Jared Veldheer is a massive guy but has short arms.

    Who could be a sleeper at the end of round one that could outperform the rest of these guys?

    Charles Brown?

    Selvish Capers?

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    Wouldn't surprise me if Charles Brown turned out to be the best.

    I think the class is deep but it doesn't have many or possibly any elite prospects.


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      Ask me again in three years.


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        This is probably a case of a bunch of solid starters at right tackle and Okung being the only real stud left tackle but I think right tackle is getting to be very undervalued. Most teams now are geared towards passing and stopping the pass, and as a result most teams (especially good ones) have quality pass rushers on both sides of the ball. The best way to combat that is to have quality pass protectors on both ends of your offensive line. You can't really neglect the right side.


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          I agree...kind of. I feel like it's a good group it's just really hard to figure out who to like. I bet there are a couple pro bowlers and a couple guys out of the league of the top 10 or so.

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            I think Okung, Bulaga and Williams proved over their careers and at the combine that they are all capable of being very good pro tackles and the first two can definitely play LT. Others like Davis and Campbell have a lot to offer and Brown is probably the sleeper of that group but he has probably been talked up too much because he's played at SC. Dont see any Walter Jones or Joe Thomas types but i'd say average to above average as a group.


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              Originally posted by killxswitch View Post
              Wouldn't surprise me if Charles Brown turned out to be the best.
              Good call. I wouldn't be too surprised.
              Like Vernon Davis from Maryland, I would not be shocked to see the super physical speciman Bruce Campbell struggle initially, but eventually blossom into a perennial Pro-Bowler. The physical skills, like VD, are special. It's just a matter of desire and work ethic.

              I think Campbell has lit a fire and he truely desires greatness now. He probably has the most upside of them all, with big Anthony.


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                i agree with you, i reckon it is extremely deep but i dont think there are any elite talents


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                  I don't understand why People Don't think Buluga can be an elite OT, he has every single tool he needs to be a very good LT...

                  People said the same things about Jake Long.

                  Anthony Davis is the most overrated OT in the draft, he is a one pop daddy and doesn't have the balance to play on the right side. He is also quite a waist bender.


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                    von miller has still never gotten a sack against oklahoma state. so i wouldn't say okung was dominated. he is getting seriously disrespected. i don't know how much better he needs to have played.

                    Widely considered as the nation's top offensive lineman, Okung leads all Oklahoma State players with 46 consecutive starts entering the Cowboys' Cotton Bowl date with Ole Miss and through 12 games this season, he has 127 knockdown blocks and 58 domination blocks. With 836 snaps played this year, Okung has allowed only one sack and has yielded only two quarterback pressures.
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                      I like the class a lot.
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                        Outside of Williams and Okung I'm not a huge fan of this class but the OT class is not nearly as bad as the QB class.
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                          Originally posted by broth223 View Post
                          Outside of Williams and Okung I'm not a huge fan of this class but the OT class is not nearly as bad as the QB class.
                          Agreed for sure. But I think it's easier for a QB draft class to be on one extreme or the other just by nature of the position. In a weak OT year you at least have some guys who might make good guards or versatile backups. If you have a weak QB class you have a bunch of practice squad players and future real estate salesmen.


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                            Vlad will be a multiple time Pro Bowler, I'm telling you guys.


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                              This guard class is absolutely phenomenal assuming the college tackles with the skillsets of an NFL guard move over, such as Vlad and Ciron Black. Not to mention Iupati the best pure guard prospect to come along in awhile.

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