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It's official: The combine track is damn slow.

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  • It's official: The combine track is damn slow.

    The Rebels explosive skill player Dexter McCluster was exactly that, explosive. He ran 40 times which hovered in the low 4.4-second area. Some scouts had McCluster as fast as 4.39 seconds.
    McCluster ran a 4.58 in Indy.

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    i know he plays faster then a 4.58


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      Does this mean CJ Spiller will run a 4.20 at his pro day?
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        the combine track isn't fast but it is what NFL teams play on... a real game field...

        don't discount the extra training time... 4 weeks of intensive training can fix alot of technique issues that may have caused the slow time... like Haden, that time was a little slower than we would have expected. McCluster is a player.
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          it's not a fast track in indy, but Pro Day times tend to be faster than combine times...

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            i'd attribute the difference more to training than a slow track at the combine
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              Originally posted by RealityCheck View Post

              McCluster ran a 4.58 in Indy.
              Things like this are going to hurt my favorite player in this draft......Toby Gerhart. He chose not to run at his Pro Day and stuck with his 4.53 from the combine. He stated many times he's ran in the low 4.4's at Stanford so if he would have ran and did that it would have really helped his stock.

              Also good for McCluster. That 4.58 he posted was horrible for a player his size.


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                Originally posted by Michigan View Post
                i'd attribute the difference more to training than a slow track at the combine
                I dunno...

                The track used to be really slow at Indy. Then, a couple years before they started building Lucas Oil Stadium, they replaced the turf at the RCA Dome and everybody started turning in blazing times. Like....stupidly fast.

                After moving into Lucas Oil Stadium, it seems like the times have gone up a little bit overall. But this is all just my observations and I could be completely wrong.


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                  lol, imagine if bruce campbell would have ran a 4.6 at his pro day
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                    I think it has more to do with figuring out how to master the track and the way things are timed at Indy. I'd probably be inclined to average pro day times with combine times as well as just judge how fast a guy plays in pads.


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                      It's official: This is an opinion and a correlation based on one guy, who could have had a bad day, been hurt, or something completely unrelated to the track at the combine.


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                        I think a big factor of the Combine is just the pressure. Its a whole different situation knowing that their entire life depends on less than 5 seconds of time. SOme guys really thrive, and alot of guys aren't great in it, or aren't completely prepared (see Haden (had HORRIBLE teqnique on the start) and Micah Johnson (wasn't completely healed from a knee injury until like a couple of days before the combine, and just got screwed on the 40).

                        Another thing is just the guy. The way some guys run, the surface doesn't matter as much because they are getting traction no matter what they are running on and vice versa.

                        So its not just the track, it depends alot on the guy.


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                          The official times listed at the Combine have been questioned before. Two years ago, scouts generally claimed that the times were fast. This year, Mays and McCourty also had discrepancies between the official and unofficial. That's why scouts have their own devices - they don't trust the combine.

                          And seriously, in the end, it's about 1-2 tenths of a second. You know how fast that is? It's faster than a blink of an eye - literally, your eye can't blink that fast. A guy rolls forward a little at the line, pops up too quickly, takes too small steps at the start, drifts a little from the center, any of that can account for 1-2 tenths of a second. Generally, if you know a guy is fast, he's probably fast. You use the forty to confirm what you think, but unless there's a huge discrepancy, you shouldn't let the forty change your decisions.


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                            I think there is no question that the combine track is slower than many of the surfaces that pro-days are held at. The good thing about the combine is that everyone runs on the same surface and can be compared accordingly. I also know that the "official" times for the combine are not at all accurate. They are not 100% computer timed and the fact that the clock is started by a human rather than computer brings in too many variables to be accurate. I would trust an experienced scout's watch more than the official times reported from the NFL network. I personally like to clock them myself from the TV feed multiple times and compare them to what the officail and unofficial times are reported to be. You would be surprised at the differences you get.


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                              Taylor Mays to run 4.1 at his Pro-day???
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