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    Zac Robinson – many look at Robinson as a late round QB but he could easily be one of the best quarterbacks to come from this draft when we look back five years from now. He’s one hell of an athlete for the position, possesses pretty good arm strength, and is experienced. I think a team like Cleveland would be a wonderful fit for Zac because he’d get the chance to sit and learn the league while learning from of the league’s best developers in Holmgren.


    Stafon Johnson – before going through the unfortunate accident in the weight room Stafon was the best back on USC’s roster, and although McKnight’s measurables are more intriguing, the game tape suggests that Johnson is still the best USC back when it comes to this draft and the NFL. He’s not a home run hitter out of the backfield but if I’m looking for a guy to get me the tough yards and move the chains then I’d love him on my roster.


    Arlic Arnett – never had the luxury of playing with a quarterback who was consistent when it came to passing game so his numbers won’t stand out, but he’s got good size, speed, and hands for teams to take a late round chance on. I think we can expect him to contribute somewhere in-between Chris Henry and Darius Reynaud as far as Mountaineer receivers who have hit the league recently. It would not surprise me if he’s a #3 WR within a couple of years.


    Thomas Welch – an imposing figure at tackle, who has played both the right and left side, and even got the opportunity late in Senior Bowl week. There are not too many questions about his ability to play, and I think his best fit will be on the right side, but will he be able to stay healthy or will he just be someone who takes up space on the IR list?

    Shawn Lauvao – the Sun Devils may not have any top tier prospects in this year’s draft, but come day three of the draft we’ll be hearing a handful of their players called and Lauvao may be the one who contributes the most at the next level. He played tackle the past couple of seasons for Arizona State, but projects best inside at guard with his stout stature and strong base. He seems like a guy that my Packers may target late given the struggles of Daryn Colledge last year and the potential need to address the left guard spot.


    Clifton Geathers – he’s one of the biggest head scratchers in this year’s draft. He possesses a dream set of size, speed and strength but the production of the field doesn’t reflect his wonderful physical abilities. I’m not sure how much of this lack of success is due to him or is a reflection of South Carolina’s coaching, but I can guarantee there will be teams lining up late in the draft, especially those who run a 3-4, to take a chance on this kid with great tools.

    Greg Middleton – remember the unreal sophomore campaign that this kid had? Since then he’s been nearly non-existent, and teammate Jammie Kirlew has been more of a factor over the past two seasons and very well may be more of a factor in the NFL. Middleton has good size for a 4-3 end, and the measurables suggest that he still possesses that burst, which allowed him to be such a dominating force two years ago. Whichever team takes him, if they can find that switch that allowed him to be so great not so long ago then they’ll have themselves a steal. If not, then he’ll just be camp body.

    Corey Peters – this Wildcat is an experienced player and had a nice senior year. He’s probably a little bit better of a pro prospect than Myron Pryor was a year ago, and he’s had an off-season to help back up his breakout play in 2009. He’s got a good initial burst and projects best a 4-3 UT, but not real sure where he’ll end up because he doesn’t seem to provide much versatility between defensive schemes, and I think it’s easier for teams to hold off on penetrating DTs late in the draft.


    Kion Wilson – he adds to the list of South Florida defensive players who will be taken come draft day(s) through the tenure, and now termination, of Leavitt. A strong player, who got the recognition of coaches at the end of the year as he racked up a first team Big East honor, may fit in either a 4-3 or a 3-4, and I think he may be better off as a strongside backer if he makes his way into a 4-3 scheme.


    Brian Jackson – someone who hasn’t had an impressive off-season, but when it comes down to it he’s a physical defensive back who relies on his size and strength over his straight line speed. There’s talk that he may need to move to safety, and whether he’s at safety or corner, his ability to close on that ball will be a plus regardless.


    Kendrick Lewis – the best player in Ole Miss’ secondary over the past two seasons and he’s still someone who’s learning how to play the position after switching over from receiver. He’s got decent size and while he may not have elite speed, he does have good ball skills and seems to find his way around the football.

    Harry Coleman – Considering he played at one of college football’s best defensive schools and pro producer, I’m surprised that people aren’t more excited about him. He may be a tweener between an in-the-box safety and strongside backer, but there’s no doubting his ability to stop the run and close ground quickly. Like I mentioned with Lauvao before, I think Coleman could be a Packer type player when draft day roles around and there’s a glaring need for the green and gold to address strong safety.

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    Love Stafon Johnson, I could see him contributing early for somebody. Harry Coleman is an interesting player too, he moved to linebacker at the start of this year for LSU if I'm not mistaken. Could be a tough NFL safety and should contribute on special teams immediately, could wind up being a Jermaine Phillips type of player.

    Kendrick Lewis is one of the few pure free safeties in this draft, he did run a poor 40 but he is a good natural athlete with excellent ball skills. He is still a little raw but he has really developed over the last two seasons and turned into a nice all around safety, wouldn't surprise me to see him wind up a starter one day.

    Also watch out for former Ole Miss OLB Patrick Trahan. Great athlete who is a little light at 6-3 230, but he is a playmaker who can blitz and projects to the weakside.


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      Great players out there! I'd love the Panthers to draft Geathers as back-up end/tackle. He'd give us some versatility as a DL tweener (i'm not worried about his transition to our 4-3).


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        not a bad list.... However, during NFL combine someone mentioned Corey Peters as a potential 3rd round. He can be used as UT in 4-3 and DE in 3-4. I hope he will be available for Jets' selection in 4th round.


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          I'm starting to be a big fan of Roy Upchurch (RB Alabama). I loved his running style and his game while he was in Tuscaloosa and I hope he finds a home in the NFL. I don't think he is a starter, but he is at least a decent 3rd down back who is a decent receiver as well.

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            Keiland Williams, Kendrick Lewis, Colin Peek, Anthony McCoy, Tony Moeaki, Kurt Coleman, Javarris James...there's a couple.


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              as mentioned before, Zac Robinson, Tony Moeaki, and Javaris James. I think they can all contribute to an NFL roster, especially Moeaki. He always had nagging injuries at Iowa, and has good athleticism and build. I think he can turn into a balanced TE


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                I think Zac Robinson has a chance to be the 3rd QB taken in this draft and could easily make it into the late 2nd. IMO his upside is better than that of McCoy and he has displayed great throwing mechanics in the offseason. I have him as my current #3 competing with Jarrrett Brown and John Skelton with McCoy now 6th. I love McCoy as a college player, but I just don't see the transition to the next level being anything more than a journeyman or backup.

                Also love Stafon Johnson, Harry Coleman as a LB, and Roy Upchurch is a solid sleeper IMO. Upchurch is a very instinctive runner and all around FB player.


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                  I looked at a few other sites and their round projections for players and that's how I decided who made the cut for late round (5-6 to UDFA)

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                    Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
                    I looked at a few other sites and their round projections for players and that's how I decided who made the cut for late round (5-6 to UDFA)
                    Absolutely, I know I am in the minority in my opinion. I am just trying to be ahead of the curve on him and others in my analysis. I think by labeling him as a potential gem here and his positional scarcity that he will definitely be drafted higher than most sites are currently suggesting. I anticipate that at least one team will see the potential and pull the trigger no later than the 3rd.


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                      Lorenzo Washington from 'Bama is a good player too...A 3-4 team probably looks at him...probably as an UDFA.


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                        You have the wrong Coleman at Safety.
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