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Whats the Knock on USC's Damian Williams

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  • Whats the Knock on USC's Damian Williams

    whats the knock on him? 4.53 40?

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    Reminds me of Marvin Harrison or Jimmy Smith

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      I'm a big Williams fan -- he's my #2 wide receiver behind Bryant. He's very smooth, an excellent route-runner, and has solid hands. He may not have the upside of some of the other receivers, but I feel he's about as safe a bet as there is at the position. I feel he will make a great #2 NFL wideout and could potentially be a #1 on a team with a weaker receiving core.


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        Originally posted by DeathbyStat View Post
        Reminds me of Marvin Harrison or Jimmy Smith
        Nah...Smith and Harrison were two of the fastest guys in the NFL in their primes. He's way more Keenan McCardell or Reggie Wayne that Jimmy Smith/Marvin Harrison.


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          i like the reggie wayne comparison


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            knocks: lack of upside, not 'special'

            he is however a good receiver and I wouldnt fault any team drafting him in the second round, the guy will contribute for many years

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              I don't think Williams can ever be a #1 guy for a team. He's probably the best route runner in the class.

              I think some people knock on him simply because he is from Southern California. SoCal receivers usually bust more than they do boom, so I think some people don't like him for that basic reason.

              I think he has a good future ahead of him though.

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                He doesn't have as much difference maker potential as guys like Dez Bryant, Golden Tate, Arrelious Benn and Demaryius Thomas have. Simple as that, what you see is what you get with Williams, nothing that is going to blow anyone away but he just a really solid receiver.

                Personally I like to compare him to Jerricho Cotchery or Steve Smith (Giants).


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                  I've been comparing him to Wayne for months. I think he could go anywhere from a surprise pick in the late 1st to the early 3rd.

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                    reunion with sanchez? jets could use a sure handed good route runner to go along with mr dropsies


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                      Nah Jets need a playmaker, they got a solid 3rd won guy in Cotchery all ready. I think Williams compares well to Steve Smith (NYG) but his ceiling is probably Reggie Wayne which is pretty damn good I don't know if he will get there, I just think he'll be a solid guy in the league for many years.

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                        He has nice hands, runs great routes and can recognize/find holes in coverage - seems to me he could be very productive catching the short-intermediate stuff the Broncos' offense.

                        If we are going to draft a WR early, this is the guy I'd like to see in orange and blue.


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                          As a prospect reminds me a lot of Mark Clayton.

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                            Damian Williams really doesn't have any weaknesses. The problem with him is that aside from route running, he isn't exceptional at anything. The NFL draft is all about upside and Williams doesn't have enough to be talked about towards the top of the draft. Despite that, I still have him as my #2 receiver and he is one of my favorite prospects.


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                              the OP asks a good question

                              no one really has a good answer

                              i Guess if he ran a 4.41 or something he'd be looked as more of a real first rounder

                              the "big WR from USC" label does in fact hurt him with people

                              altho I do agree he'd be perfect for Jets they will look for him later than 29
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