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Callahan Bright - 6'3 343 lb. NT

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  • Callahan Bright - 6'3 343 lb. NT

    posted 41 reps on the bench press at the N.C. state pro day today.

    former 5 star recruit that was supposed to play at FSU but never did because of his grades. had another minor marijuana possesion charge a while back but seems focused on getting drafted.

    he was once rated higher than darren mcfadden, ndamakung suh, and michael oher.

    here is his story:

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    He was an absolute monster in high school. A legit monster.


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      Hmm, I always pull for a guy who is trying to turn his life around. And it sounds like he has some truly unique, freakish qualities that could help him out in the NFL. I hope a team will at least sign him onto their scout team.


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        That was an interesting article, thanks for posting.


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          Good read.


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's rocket surgery now, folks.


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            it'd be pretty weird to see him succeed. I'd like to see it happen though, good underdog-story

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              i'm a buyer... especially at late round/UDFA prices
              my shoes hurt

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                A seventh round pick on a 320 lb, 6'3 NT who can move and put up 41 bench presses at 225 is definitely a good risk to take.
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                  This year's Walter Thomas?


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                    Good luck to the kid, I'm pulling for him.

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                    His soft D really turns me off
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                      Man, if he gets it together, he sure does pass the 'eye test' for prototypical 34 nose.

                      Given I root against particular teams, but never an individual prospect to fail.
                      Hope he makes it and becomes a star on a team I HATE, then I'll slam him!!LOL


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                        Originally posted by killxswitch View Post
                        This year's Walter Thomas?

                        I know I fell for those amazing measurables. haha.

                        Thanks BoneKrusher^

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                          This guy seems like an incredible fixer upper at NT, since he has all the tools, but JUST DOESN"T HAVE THE COACHING. Like at all. If he can get to a team where he can be coached up and such, and if (which IMO is a HUGE if) he has truly turned his life around like that article says, then he could really get turned around and he could be a dominate player in this league. I think he has more measurables than Haloti Ngata who is just a FREAK and even better natural ability (just that factor where he is just so fluid in everything he does.)

                          Again, HUGE project, but he's a low risk REALLLLLLLLLLY high reward type pick that i could see either ammounting to being nothing, or amounting to something great.

                          I always like to hear about the guys who are turning their lives around, and i'll never root against an individual prospect to fail, so i wish him the best, and hopefully he can end up on my Chargers.


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                            Is it me or is this one of the deepest NT drafts in a long time? You've got Dan Williams who's a first round lock, Cody who'll probably be a top 40 pick, Cam thomas who's a likely second rounder and then Linval Joseph and Torrell Troup in the mid rounds before getting to the late rounders like Bright, Woods and Granger.


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                            Most misleading 10+ sack season EVER.


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                              I really wish the raiders draft a legit 4-3 NT like this

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