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What do you think of the 2010 Safeties?

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  • What do you think of the 2010 Safeties?

    It looks pretty clear that the top 3 safeties in the draft are

    1. Eric Berry
    2. Earl Thomas
    3. Taylor Mays

    After that it seems to get a lot more complex and tough to distinguish. I am wondering how do you rank the remaining safeties and why they are better or worse then the competition.

    4. Nate Allen

    I have not seen a lot of games he has played, but he sounds like he has the right blend of physical and mental skills.

    5. Morgan Burnett

    Great physical measurables and a nose for big plays while at Georgia Tech. He appears to be a player that is always around the ball.

    6. Major Wright

    The range and speed are impressive to watch and he loves to hit. I would rank him higher but there seem to be people questioning his ability to read and react.

    7. Chad Jones

    He has the physical package, but he simply does not look like he knows what is going on enough.

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    This is definitely a great class, some big time talent at the top with some real quality depth behind them. The top 3 are pretty set in stone, but after that it is really all preference for the next 5 or so. I personally love Chad Jones, I would have him at #4.


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      NO CHANCE i put Wright before Jones. I would say JOnes is at least 6 if not 4 or 5.


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        I'd probably rate the top 5 the same way. Berry has some great explosiveness that will make for a long career in the league.


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          Morgan Burnett is my biggest sleeper at the safety position. I think he could end up being as good as any safety taken in this class.


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            Originally posted by FUNBUNCHER View Post
            Morgan Burnett is my biggest sleeper at the safety position. I think he could end up being as good as any safety taken in this class.
            Morgan Burnett is an interesting prospect that everyone seems to be asleep on.

            He tore up his pro day with an 11" broad jump and a 4.42 [40] after people question his speed and he appears to be a nice back end defender.

            Why is Mayock not as high on this guy as say a Major Wright?

            Has anyone seen a lot of Georgia Tech football and care to comment?


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              It really is a terrible class outside of Thomas and Berry. Outside of them, a lot of the other safeties are going to be overrated because people want to find something to like after the 1st but the truth is that there really isn't anything to like after the 1st.

              The biggest problem is a lot of the safeties have poor instincts and/or don't tackle well which are two of the biggest requirements in order to be a successful NFL safety.


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                My thoughts? Any of them would be an upgrade for the Chiefs.


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                  I haven't really studied Morgan Burnett, but I feel like I am always noticing him making big plays.


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                    I'm not a big fan of the class as a whole, though it certainly has some intriguing talent. Eric Berry and Earl Thomas are both going to be elite safeties in my opinion, and I see Taylor Mays and Nate Allen as being quality players at the next level. Chad Jones is kind of a Wild Card...I could see him being a star or a complete bust in the NFL.


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                      i think mays is going to be amazing


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                        Eric Berry reminds me of Charles Woodson for some reason. I think it's because they are both great athletes with inhuman-like ball skills.

                        Thanks to BK for the sig



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