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Javier Arenas: Underrated

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  • Javier Arenas: Underrated

    This guy gets knocked because he's only 5-9.
    There's a little guy on the Vikings who is the same size, and he's been a fantastic free agent addition to them. Antoine Winfield.

    Arenas may not be as good as Antoine as a CB, (but like Winfield, he is an able and willing tackler) but how much is the guy's return ability worth all by itself?

    If he adds the spark and occasional TDs there a la a Devin Hester, Josh Cribbs, Dante Hall, what's that make him valued at?
    I think whoever gets him after round 2 is going to be happy as heII by October.

    His seven punt returns for touchdowns are a SEC record.

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    Agreed, I think Javier Arenas is going to be a very good pro, definitely wouldn't be mad if the Chiefs took him in the 3rd.


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      hes short but hes not small....for being 5-8 5/8ths hes 197.

      hes beefy enough to tackle, hes scrappy, and hes a good corner imo. winfield is 180 and hes kind of beefy too so arenas running 4.5 at 197 is more than good enough for me.

      now if he was 5-9 169 i wouldnt think much of him more than a college CB, but the man can ball


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        Yeah, he's getting underrated a bit because he is smaller.

        He reminds me of Daylon McCutcheon from the Browns years ago. Small, fiesty, willing tackler, doesn't give up.


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          he also pulled his hamstring at the combine, not something scouts would like to see


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            I definitely think he can carve himself a niche as a #3/4 CB and a dynamic returner.


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              I thought he was a terrible corner. That's why I was surprised when he made 1st team All-SEC (did he make 1st team All-America too?). As a corner, I don't think he's that great, but I like his return abilities.
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                Disagree. I think his lack of deep speed is really going to hurt his NFL prospects.


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                  I'm not sure why you think he's being underrated..

                  People are valuing him as a 3rd/4th round pick, with an expected role of Nickel/4th CB and return man. Seems like that's right on the money for him. He's not big or fast enough to consistently line up on the outside. Bottom line is that you usually look for starters with 1st and 2nd rounders. Mid to late 3rd / Early 4th is about where he should be.


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                    He is a great returner, he could be a pleasant surprise for someone if he lands in the right situation.


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                      good cover 2 CB?


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                        Yea, I only see him as a legit special teams player. Definitely not starting potential and maybe at best a decent nickel corner in the NFL.

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                          As the all-time leader in the SEC in return TD's, if he only carries that over to the NFL (ala Hester or Cribbs, Dante Hall), then what were those players worth?
                          Devin Hester was a 2nd rounder, I think, and was supposed to be a CB.
                          Still, just for what he did as a returner for his first 2 years, I believe that the Bears got their money's worth out of him right there.

                          So if Arenas does that, isn't that alone worth a 3 on the guy?
                          Plus, I'm sure he's a better CB than Hester ever was.


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                            He was awesome on the corner blitz for Saban, which is one of his signature defensive moves.

                            Short enough to hide behind a bigger LB, on 3rd & long Saban would hide him instead of walking up to the line during the snap count. If the QB didn't look to his blind side one last time before passing, all he saw was Arenas in his face as he was taken down. May not work in the NFL but was devastating in the SEC.

                            I think his value will be as an exclusive KR/PR, don't risk injuring him playing corner.


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                              Javier is actually going to be on my podcast today, along with Golden Tate.

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