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    The draft is just three weeks away, which means draft boards are being finalized. Individual team visits and pro days are nearing their conclusions, and agents are actively pushing the stock of their clients (note to one particular agent: stop spamming me with press releases!).

    I conducted another interview with a current NFL scout, but we got sort of waylaid by interlopers and other responsibilities. This is shorter than I wanted but still provides some valuable insight.

    Jeff Risdon: After his strong pro day, itís a given that Sam Bradford will be taken #1 overall. Iím not sold at all on Bradford and I wonder what your opinion of him going #1 overall might be?

    Scout: Weíre damn glad it isnít us picking there. Look, Sam Bradford might wind up being a hell of a quarterback, but I wouldnít touch him at #1. The last two times he got hit, his shoulder got hurt. He doesnít do us any good if he canít stay on the field. Thatís why they need a QB in the first place, because Marc Bulger couldnít take the hits anymore.

    JR: How much stock does your team place in health concerns?

    Scout: Itís a big deal. ...we look at how the injuries happened. If a kid gets caught in a horse collar and breaks his ankle, thatís one thing. But to go back to Bradford, he got hurt on hits that most guys just shake off. Big Ben (Roethlisberger) gets hit like that 20 times a week. So thatís a real big deal with him.

    JR: Keeping on that injury theme, Jahvid Best suffered a nasty concussion last year. Are concussions viewed differently than a shoulder or a knee?

    Scout: You know what, we spend so much to make sure these kids with the concussions are clear now. I donít know for sure but I bet we check out (head injuries) harder than we do anything else these days. We had a doctor come in and give us a little presentation about concussions and how they can come back, stuff like that. We are more comfortable than we used to be there. Best has passed every test so weíre not that worried about him.

    JR: Aside from Tim Tebow, the player I get asked more about than any other is Jimmy Clausen. I know youíve scouted him extensively.
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    I laughed out loud at how he described Brian Price, "that fat kid." Great read overall, interesting how he thinks Colt McCoy will go in the 20s.


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      Interesting read. Some things I found noteworthy:

      - He's very high on Roger Saffold. I just don't see it, but I don't get paid to watch these guys either.

      - High on Clausen and leery of Bradford. That one seems obvious to me and I still don't buy Bradford as the top prospect right now.

      - Mental toughness: this is a part of the article I really enjoyed. Interesting to hear that Okung and Bulaga have it, whereas Williams might not, Tony Ugoh doesn't (every Colts fan knows that now!), Eugene Monroe doesn't but Eben Britten does (very interesting). I didn't know that about Ducasse panicking at the OT position, either. Hmm.

      - Brian Price as the "fat kid from UCLA" who is in "worse shape than Cody". Wow.

      - Colt McCoy in the 20s? Really? Am I reading that right?


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        I really enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing.


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          Ive been calling Charles Brown a D'Brickashaw Ferguson prospect clone for a looong time now. Its nice to see someone else sees that exact same comparison.

          Im starting to think the same way he is on Price... he's going to fall on draft day. And the Tebow and McCoy thing is also very interesting.


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            What did part 1 talk about?


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              no doubt in his mind Clausen goes top 10......but to who? I don't see a team that is likely to take him.


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                Originally posted by keylime_5 View Post
                no doubt in his mind Clausen goes top 10......but to who? I don't see a team that is likely to take him.
                he's a scout, not a mock drafter. I think he means talent-wise Clausen should be in the top 10.

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                  I enjoyed that, good find. It's kind of refreshing for someone to just talk plainly, without the PC ********.

                  Originally posted by fenikz
                  His soft D really turns me off
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                    Pretty sure this is the same guy who ripped on Gresham for not being able to block (scout not the writer)
                    Someone posted it on the bengals site.

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                      thanks for the post. good read.


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                        Risdon is good for just these, interviews where someone else is the focus, his mocks and other articles are terrible
                        Originally posted by njx9
                        i mean, why wouldn't the broncos take cam newton? they can play him at quarterback WITH tebow!


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                          Good read.

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                            Any guesses as to which team the guy's from? I'd say a team that's looking for O-linemen, probably a tackle, without a strong need on the left, and maybe picking late, in the 20s or so. Based on what he says, I'd say his team doesn't need a QB of safety right now.

                            I might guess some team in the AFC North, based on how casually he calls him "Big Ben," but then again, that just might be a common nickname among NFL folks.


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                              Very interesting read. I don't agree on a few of his points, but it is always interesting to view the perspective from a legitimate NFL scout involved in the process. I'd say the Jets, judging by how casually he refers to Ferguson as Brick. I could also see the Steelers or Ravens, especially considering the mental toughness emphasis.



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