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What If Suh Falls to #4?

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  • What If Suh Falls to #4?

    What if Detroit goes Okung at #2. And Tampa goes McCoy at #3.

    Does Washington look to move haynesworth like the rumors say. Do they just draft Suh and let him play the 5-tech. I think they have to be looking trade down if draft falls that way. But who would bite?

    Kansas City (4-12) - can't see it
    Seattle (5-11) - swapping would make sense if they wanted him bad...but I haven't read much on the connection.
    Cleveland (5-11) - can't buy this either
    Oakland (5-11) - Just can't believe they'd pay to land him
    Buffalo (6-10) - maybe...but they have a few needs to be doing this
    Jacksonville (7-9) - don't really have the ammo to pull it off
    Denver - from Chicago (7-9) - maybe with a player thrown in but once again can't see it
    Miami (7-9) - no big need for a 5-tech
    San Francisco (8-8) - maybe but seems like a reach
    Seattle - from Denver (8-8) - paying 2 top 5 picks seems unlikely
    New York Giants (8-8) - I can't see this either

    Someone feel free to make a point on one of these teams moving up with some facts.

    Then another food for thought is what if Washington passes on Suh and goes OT if they can't find a partner. Who becomes their guy with Okung off the board. I have a feeling Trent Williams is a better fit than Bulaga because of his ability to block in space and he's the better physical speciman anyways. Be interested to get a Washington fans take on this. I actually think Anthony Davis would be the best fit even over Okung but the character concerns will likely keep him out of the top 5...although I'd argue he is the best OT in this class when judged by on the field performance.

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    Originally posted by thule View Post
    Oakland (5-11) - Just can't believe they'd pay to land him
    Really? The Raiders haven't exactly been shy when it came to moving around the draft in the past.

    At any rate, I don't think he will fall. It's tough to draw a bead on what the Lions are doing, since they've added both OL and DT this offseason and even if they add Hargrove before the draft, he's not the sort of player who would take snaps away from Suh (who could easily play the nose in Schwartz's scheme). I think Okung is a top 5 player in this draft, so it wouldn't be ridiculous to go with him, but somehow I don't see the Lions going for that.

    Even if he does fall, it's a total coin flip in my mind as to whether McCoy or Suh tops Tampa's board. I can make equally strong arguments for either for that team.


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      IMO Suh will be off the board before McCoy and there isn't any chance that changes

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        If the rumours are true that the Browns love Jared Odrick you gotta think they would really really love Suh. If there is a chance to move up a few spots, without paying a king's ransom, then they could be a possible trade partner. They do have 5 picks in the top 100.

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          The Patriots have 3 2nd rounders. I'd say give all three and take Suh.


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            For how badly we need a LT you still cant pass up an Al-Suh DL

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              KC would take a DL if one falls to 5. No question in my mind.


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                Originally posted by nepg View Post
                KC would take a DL if one falls to 5. No question in my mind.
                I agree, I think the value would simply be too good for Pioli to pass up. Who knows, though, since we don't have any draft history of Pioli with the Chiefs to draw on.

                I'm down for him to fall all the way to Jax at 10 though. For once, let a great defensive prospect fall to a 4-3 team instead of the other way around.
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                  Originally posted by Dirty Thirty View Post
                  First option is going to be trade down like you said and I think that Cleveland, Oakland, and Buffalo would all be interested in moving up for Suh, especially since it probably wouldnt cost a fortune.

                  Second option is my favorite; Take Suh at 4, Trade a future 1st to move into the late first range and take Charles Brown or Rodger Saffold who are both great fits in shannys zbs. Every year a team or two trades a future 1st in a similar scenario and given the obvious intent of Shanahan to try and win now, this makes sense.

                  Third option is to pass on Suh and draft Bulaga. For whatever reason, my gut tells me this would be the last option.
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                    Originally posted by nepg View Post
                    KC would take a DL if one falls to 5. No question in my mind.
                    They'd have Glenn Dorsey's contract, Tyson Jackson's contract, and the new DLineman's contract

                    That is a ton of money


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                      I don't like these scenarios Detroit always passes on a DT in them.

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                        If Suh falls to #4 that's the only way Washington wouldn't take an OT.
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                          From what I've read from Buccaneers insiders it appears unlikely that they'd take McCoy over Suh.


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                            Originally posted by wonderbredd24 View Post
                            They'd have Glenn Dorsey's contract, Tyson Jackson's contract, and the new DLineman's contract

                            That is a ton of money
                            and hali...thats a first round defensive front lol


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                              i coulndt even imagine haynesworth, suh and orakpo. that would be a washington group that might live up to the hype



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