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  • Allen or Burnett

    I am having a hard time deciding which player will make a better FS at the next level. What do you guys think?

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    Same here...really like Allen.


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      I love Allen, he's one of my favorite prospects in the whole draft. I'm quite high on Burnett, but not as high.

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        This is a great question IMO. Both players are outstanding IMO. I agree with marshallb senorgator in that Allen gets the nod... I think Allen, while not in the class of Berry or Thomas as a prospect, has pro-bowl potential in the right system. I really like his skill set. In the last Forum Mock Grizzlegom and I traded up to the 55th pick and grabbed him in the second. I was very happy with the pick.
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          Allen just strikes me as a guy who will be a solid player for a long-time. Maybe not an All-Pro, but a guy you're happy to have on your team. I prefer Allen by a good margin...not a huge Burnett fan.


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            I think this debate between Allen and Burnett is one of the tougher decisions out there. I wish I knew more about each player to make an informed decision. Most scouting reports seem to indicate that Burnett is more of a ballhawk. I also do not like the fact that a lot of reports are questioning Allens ability to stop the run and tackle in the open field. However, even with all of that said, most draft places rank Allen higher, which leaves me baffled...


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              Nate Allen is a little better well-rounded safety. Burnett has the potential to be extremely rangy in the backfield and a prime centerfielder. Depends what you're looking for, but Allen is a more polished and well-rounded prospect at this point.


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                Allen is the better safety and the safer pick. Burnett has a higher ceiling but his floor is also lower.

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                  Pretty big fan of Burnett. I think Allen is mediocre at best.
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                    Well, Allen is the 'safe' pick, he is good at everything, Allen is a good tackler, good in zone coverage, he is a good tackler, he has good ball skills, he is good enough in man coverage and he is just a well rounded prospect who could probably step in on day 1 and start. He probably won't ever be an impact safety, but he will be a good player on someone's team, one that won't grab any headlines but will get the recognition by the people who really know what they're talking about. Solid player.

                    Morgan Burnett is the 'upside' guy. Burnett is a little less polished than Allen, but not by a wide margin IMO. Burnett is clearly better than Allen in coverage, in zone coverage he has more range and in man coverage he is more fluid. But where Burnett isn't as good as Allen is in run support, Burnett takes some bad angles and he misses more tackles. But, it should be noted that Burnett is a bigger hitter and flashes more pop.

                    Nate Allen is probably slightly less athletic that Burnett, but Allen is no slouch is that department. Burnett has been more productive than Allen at the college level, grabbing 13 interceptions, 12 in 2 years (Allen had 9 in 3) and racking up 178 tackles in 2 seasons (212 for Allen in 3).

                    I'm taking Burnett just about every time.



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