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What Pick Would Ruin Your Day?

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  • What Pick Would Ruin Your Day?

    Who's that ONE guy that you absolutely just don't want? I'm talking first round.

    I'll say Tim Tebow. There are teams for whom he would make sense, but ughhh, just not good for us.

    I suspect a lot of you will say Tebow or Mays...

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    If the eagles pick Carlos Dunlap at 24, I will be pissed.


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      Carlos Dunlap


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        bruce campbell


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          There isn't too much at this point for the Steelers that would ruin my day since we have massive needs. Unless it is a defensive player who doesn't really fit the system, I'm good.

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            Tough to do just one since Id be tempted to put in any corner or stuff like that but my choice will be:

            just dont know why people think he is that special, just dont see it

            Saints 2014 draft wish list:
            - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
            - Corner or Wideout in the first
            - No reaching
            - No Kelvin Benjamin


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              trading down and taking someone ****** like Taylor Mays or Bruce Campbell.


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                Any of these guys at #6 for Seattle:

                Anthony Davis
                CJ Spiller
                Jimmy Clausen


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                  Tim Tebow would ruin my day because we have no ******* need for him.

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                    taylor mays for the steelers

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                      taylor mays to the Raiders
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                        Bruce Campbell


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                          Tim Tebow, I want nothing to do with him, unless it comes in the third round or later, and even then I would be far from ecstatic. Brian Price would also upset me a lot. Other than that, there's not a whole lot of picks that would really upset me, except maybe a RB like Best in the first or McCluster in the 2nd, but I don't envision that happening.

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                            Yeah, Taylor Mays would definitely ruin draft day for me, as well as taking a receiver or tightend in the first, which some Packer fans think we should do.

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                              Everson Griffen
                              Carlos Dunlap
                              Tim Tebow
                              Colt McCoy
                              or any offensive tackle or wide receiver to the Saints in the first round.

                              After that I would really be fine with anyone else.

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