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I Met a 2010 Draft Prospect.

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  • I Met a 2010 Draft Prospect.

    Some of you may know if I've mentioned it before, but I've played in a flag football league with a few friends for a couple years. Well, my team and another one of the teams had a scrimmage yesterday before our preseason starts next week, and I got to meet a prospect in this year's draft, playing on the other team. He played CB for them, as well as at the University of Richmond, where he played. Pulled up his profile thing off the Richmond website...

    His name is David Horton, and I didn't see him in Scott's ranking's, so I figured I'd give this guy a little extra pub, since he seems like a real nice guy. He just had his Pro Day in march and said he has been getting some interest from the Falcons for workouts. He isn't huge by any means, but he is wrapped up tight, he looks like he should be a football player. He only gave up one pass to our team the whole game, a quick slant to our best receiver, and there was no YAC. Anyway, I hope he does well and gets invited to someone's camp, or even get drafted later on, because he shut our receivers down pretty well, giving up only that one catch. He also played WR for them and made our guys look like idiots, but what can you do, most of our guys only played high school football. Toward the end of the game when we were just having fun, he moved in to DE on me at Guard (our league has 3 man O-lines), and told me I better have a helluva kickslide, so of course when the ball was snapped I bring out the best footwork I can do, adjusting to his first step, and then he backs up into coverage... I missed my opportunity to be made into a clown...

    Well anyway, I figured I'd share that with you guys and thought I'd tell you a little story that was pertinent to what's going on right now as well as get a tiny little info out about him.
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