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2011 Rankings (underclassmen added)

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  • 2011 Rankings (underclassmen added)


    1. Andrew Luck :: Stanford*
    2. Nathan Enderle :: Idaho
    3. Ryan Mallet :: Arkansas*
    4. Jake Locker :: Washington
    5. Ben Chappell :: Indiana
    6. Christian Ponder :: Florida State
    7. Nick Foles :: Arizona*
    8. Ricky Stanzi :: Iowa
    9. Greg McElroy :: Alabama
    10. Pat Devlin :: Delaware
    11. Jerrod Johnson :: Texas A&M
    12. Colin Kaepernick :: Nevada
    13. Case Keenum :: Houston
    14. Scott Tolzien :: Wisconsin
    15. Andy Dalton :: TCU


    1. Mark Ingram :: Alabama*
    2. Shane Vereen :: California*
    3. DeMarco Murray :: Oklahoma
    4. Ryan Williams :: Virginia Tech*
    5. John Clay :: Wisconsin*
    6. Noel Devine :: West Virginia
    7. Daniel Thomas :: Kansas State
    8. Mikel Leshoure :: Illinois
    9. Derrick Locke :: Kentucky
    10. Brandon Saine :: Ohio State
    11. Da’Rel Scott :: Maryland
    12. Kendall Hunter :: Oklahoma State
    13. Quizz Rodgers :: Oregon State*
    14. Armando Allen :: Notre Dame
    15. Allen Bradford :: USC


    1. AJ Green :: Georgia*
    2. Michael Floyd :: Notre Dame*
    3. Ryan Browles :: Oklahoma*
    4. Julio Jones :: Alabama*
    5. Jonathan Baldwin :: Pittsburgh*
    6. Derrell Johnson-Koulianos :: Iowa
    7. Vincent Brown :: San Diego State
    8. Austin Pettis :: Boise State
    9. Ronald Johnson :: USC
    10. DeVier Posey :: Ohio State*
    11. Leonard Hankerson :: Miami(FL)
    12. Jerrel Jernigan :: Troy
    13. Greg Little :: North Carolina
    14. Niles Paul :: Nebraska
    15. Dwayne Harris :: East Carolina


    1. Lance Kendricks :: Wisconsin
    2. Kyle Rudolph :: Notre Dame*
    3. DJ Williams :: Arkansas
    4. Charlie Gantt :: Michigan State
    5. Zach Pianalto :: North Carolina
    6. Luke Stocker :: Tennessee
    7. Jeffrey Anderson :: UAB
    8. Cameron Graham :: Louisville
    9. Virgil Green :: Nevada
    10. Konrad Reuland :: Stanford


    1. Derek Sherrod :: Mississippi State
    2. Anthony Costanzo :: Boston College
    3. Gabe Carimi :: Wisconsin
    4. Darius Morris :: Temple
    5. DeMarcus Love :: Arkansas
    6. Matt Reynolds :: BYU*
    7. Derek Newton :: Arkansas State
    8. Lee Ziemba :: Auburn
    9. Marcus Gilbert :: Florida
    10. Jah Reid :: UCF
    11. James Brewer :: Indiana
    12. James Carpenter :: Alabama
    13. Joseph Barksdale :: Louisiana State
    14. Nate Solder :: Colorado
    15. Danny Watkins :: Baylor

    Interior OL

    1. Kris O’Dowd :: USC
    2. John Moffitt :: Wisconsin
    3. Orlando Franklin :: Miami(FL)
    4. Marcus Cannon :: TCU
    5. Stefen Wisniewski :: Penn State
    6. Jason Pinkston :: Pittsburgh
    7. Zach Hurd :: UCONN
    8. Benjamin Ijalana :: Villanova
    9. Thomas Claiborne :: Boston College
    10. Nate Potter :: Boise State*
    11. Mike Pouncey :: Florida
    12. Justin Boren :: Ohio State
    13. Zane Taylor :: Utah
    14. Rodney Hudson :: Florida State
    15. Andrew Jackson :: Fresno State
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    I hope the NFL has the QBs ranked like that.

    Wait... you really have Stanzi ahead of Ponder? Seriously?
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      No Kentrell Locket at DE?


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        Originally posted by Don Vito View Post
        No Kentrell Locket at DE?
        He didn't crack the top 17 at the position for me but he's not far outside of that

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          I think you severely underestimate Ohio State LB Brian Rolle.

          Michael Floyd is three spots too low.

          No Mike Martin?


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            I cant see how you rank Luck and Mallett ahead of Locker at this point

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              Some interesting rankings for sure - most notably QB, but kudos on the time and effort.


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                Nice list.

                I like to see Texas players OG Michael Huey (Sr.) and WR Malcolm Williams (Jr.) work their way on to your Rankings next season.

                Both have a lot of talent and potential, but in my opinion both need to work on being more consistent.

                On Texas OT (Sr.) Kyle Hix, I'm excited to see what he looks like at LT for Texas after starting for Texas every game for 2 seasons at RT. Hix is listed at 6'7.5 320.


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                  I know we all have differnent opinions on players but Ponder at 9 seems very low. Any reason why you are down on him?

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                    No mason foster at all?

                    Originally posted by Tebowfan85
                    too bad the Sea hawks are starting Hasselback and not Whitehorsest (sp)They are gonna loose any ways .


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                      just comments regarding all the ND guys rankings:

                      Armando Allen is ranked a bit high iyam, he has talent but has a lot to prove

                      Michael Floyd, you can make a point of ranking him anywhere between 1 and 4 although I have him two but I cant blame anyone for having green, jones, floyd and baldwin in any order.

                      Kyle Rudolph is the clear #1 TE in my book and I would love to hear your argument for ranking Kendricks over him.

                      Mike Ragone is the kind of guy that would get drafted possibly (if the pot thing doesnt kick him of the team) but to rank him as high as you have is a little farfetched given his injury history.

                      Dan Wenger should be nowhere near your rankings, Chris Stewart could be in there somewhere but Wenger has no chance of making any pro team as he wont even be a starter probably.

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                      - Corner or Wideout in the first
                      - No reaching
                      - No Kelvin Benjamin


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                        Originally posted by OneToughGame View Post
                        No mason foster at all?
                        to be honest, i completely forgot about him...i'll slot him right now

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                          Originally posted by wonderbredd24 View Post
                          Wait... you really have Stanzi ahead of Ponder? Seriously?
                          Originally posted by Hurricanes25 View Post
                          I know we all have differnent opinions on players but Ponder at 9 seems very low. Any reason why you are down on him?
                          These. I would just like to know why you're so down on him. Personally, I have him ranked as my #4 QB, and while I can understand a couple spot drop #9 seems way too low.

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                            DeAndre Brown hater?

                            I probably would have included Nigel Bradham. Definitely would have included Janoris Jenkins.


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                              Originally posted by marshallb View Post
                              These. I would just like to know why you're so down on him. Personally, I have him ranked as my #4 QB, and while I can understand a couple spot drop #9 seems way too low.
                              His arm strength is decent, doesn't throw a great ball, has a tendecy to stare down his targets and although he's a good athlete for position, his footwork needs work as well. Plus, is he a bit of a one-year wonder?

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