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Pick 3 players from 2011 class to add to your NFL team now

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  • Pick 3 players from 2011 class to add to your NFL team now

    Just for fun.

    Favorite team:Houston Texans

    3 2011 players I'm taking:

    WR AJ Green, Georgia

    DL Cameron Heyward, Ohio State

    S Rahim Moore, UCLA

    AJ Green could line up opposite of AJ.

    Heyward would fit in well with a D-Line with Super Mario and Antonio Smith.

    Rahim Moore would fit in nicely with Bernard Pollard.

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    Patrick Peterson - Obvious. True shutdown CB would make the defense ridiculous

    Cameron Heyward
    - Trevor Pryce is getting old and the Ravens need some youth and talent at DE. Heyward can play DE in a 3-4 or 4-3 as well as a DT in a 4-3.

    AJ Green - I still give the slight edge to Michael Floyd as the #1 WR in this class but AJ Green's speed would provide a much needed vertical threat.
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      #1) Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU - CB could very well be the #1 need for the Titans in 2011. I have a huge mancrush on PP (who doesn't?), so getting the top CB prospect in recent memory would be awesome.

      #2) A.J. Green, WR, Georgia - #1 WR in the country, and another target for VY. BPA, I guess.

      #3) Jake Locker, QB, Washington - I'm gonna be a puss and put this in with a stipulation that ultimately depends on how good VY is playing and if he's putting the team into position to win. If he is, then make this a DE like Quinn or Romeus. If he isn't, then use this on Locker. Bring in a another "franchise QB" to take over. The offense will be loaded, and the defense should be improved with the additions of Derrick Morgan and Peterson, as well as existing players like Finnegan, Griffin, Hope, Jason Jones, Tony Brown, Tulloch, and youngsters like Sen'Derrick Marks, Gerald McRath, and Rennie Curran.

      At this stage in the process, with the lack of knowledge of all players and inability to predict future needs, we'll probably all be picking the same, top rated players.
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        For the chargers I would add these 3 guys,

        Jerrell Powe

        Greg Carimi

        Robert Quinn (I was thinking of putting a true leader ILB here but I couldn't think of one.)


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          Patrick Peterson CB LSU- The Eagles need serious corner help and Peterson has lockdown potential.

          Jason Pinkston OG Pitt- Who is competing to start at RG? MJG, Cole and Stacy Andrews. Yes, it is safe to say the RG situation is terrible. So the Eagles take Pitt's squatty and powerful LT and move him to RG where he can help replace Shawn Andrews and the void he left behind.

          Mark Barron SS Alabama- Mikell is upgradeable, and I think Barron is the top safety in this class, he really does remind me of Adrian Wilson. Barron has a fantastic frame, fantastic athleticism and unlike Taylor Mays, Barron actually makes plays on the ball, he is a good tackler and he can play a center fielder role or the role of an in the box safety.


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            1- Patrick Peterson. Could be a lockdown corner, and fills arguably our biggest need.

            2- Robert Quinn. Ya, I dont know how hed translate to a 34, but Ive heard some people say it could be done. Either way he's the best passrusher in the draft, and we could use another.

            3- AJ Green. Luxury pick, but imagine having ARod tossing him the ball, with the defense being forced to pay attention to Jermichael, and Jennings as well. Scary


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              Patrick Peterson- Potential shutdown corner to play opposite Nnamdi.

              Jerrell Powe- Big, big man to play 1-tech and take on double teams to keep McClain unblocked.

              Stefan Wisniewski- I like this guy a lot, I think he'll make a good guard or center in the NFL for years, and we need help on the interior of the OL. I want him in the second in 2011.


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                ow this is a bad year for the saints to pick high,
                robert quinn
                jerrel powe
                von miller

                Saints 2014 draft wish list:
                - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
                - Corner or Wideout in the first
                - No reaching
                - No Kelvin Benjamin


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                  For the Patriots I'll take

                  AJ Green(may not have Moss next year so a top WR is needed)
                  Cameron Heyward(fills the void left by Richard Seymour)
                  Mark Ingram(after Maroney, the Pats have three RBs on the roster who will be over 33)

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                    Ryan Williams RB to take over from Ricky Williams.
                    Jarrell Powe NT to take over from Randy Starks & Jason Fergusson.
                    Kyle Rudolph, TE to take over from Anthony Fasano.

                    However, Miami will be picking late 20's, so I expect both Williams & Powe to be gone.
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                      1. Jake Locker, QB Washington - Has it all as a QB and should continue to progress this year
                      2. AJ Greem, WR Georgia - Reuniting Green with Massaquoi and giving the Browns a good WR core
                      3. Cameron Heyward, DE Ohio State - Takes over for Robaire Smith, giving the Browns a DLine made up of Shaun Rogers-Athyba Rubin-Cameron Heyward. Heyward is using this season to improve his technique and hand usage, so he could make a huge leap


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                        Originally posted by wicket View Post
                        ow this is a bad year for the saints to pick high,
                        robert quinn
                        jerrel powe
                        von miller
                        I'd switch Jared Crick with Powe.

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                          1. AJ Green - my top rated prospect for the 2011 draft.

                          2. Robert Quinn - Next LT? Could be...

                          3. Ryan Williams - best RB eligible for the 2011 draft imo.

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                            Originally posted by Razor View Post

                            1. AJ Green - my top rated prospect for the 2011 draft.

                            2. Robert Quinn - Next LT? Could be...

                            3. Ryan Williams - best RB eligible for the 2011 draft imo.
                            If Quinn can show the needed athleticism in coverage to play OLB then he would be my number 1 prospect id want for the Pats. Im just not sure he can do it yet. Itl be interesting to see though

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                              For the Vikings I would go:

                              Patrick Peterson - Best cornerback I've seen since covering the draft. With the future of both Antoine Winfield and Cedric Griffin in question, Peterson has future cornerstone written all over him. The team picked up Chris Cook in the draft, but he could play safety.

                              Jake Locker - Favre isn't going to be around forever, at least I don't think he will be.

                              Mike Pouncey

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