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Prospect of the Day: DT Marvin Austin, North Carolina

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  • Prospect of the Day: DT Marvin Austin, North Carolina

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    DT Marvin Austin, North Carolina
    6'3 - 305 lbs. - Senior


    A lot of talent and potential there, but for some reason I think he'll go into the NFL and have a Jamarcus Russell-like work ethic. Get paid, and do nothing.

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    The big question right now is whether Austin will retain his eligibility.

    Joe Schad's got more info at his twitter account.


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      I wouldn't touch him in the first two rounds. Not just because of his work ethic issues, but his play on the field isn't good enough to warrant taking the chance of him. He's still living off his highschool hype. I just don't see what people see in him to have him as one of the best DT's in this draft (let alone the #3 senior prospect overall).


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        I think calling him unworthy of going on the first day is a bit harsh, but he hasn't played like a first rounder.

        That said, the potential is absolutely there and he's got a great defense around him. In terms of stock ceiling, his is as high as any player eligible for the 2011 draft, we just need to see a different Austin take the field this coming season.


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          I like Austin and believe he could be a very, very good player in the NFL, but I just don't think he'll live up to his enormous potential. It's sad that he doesn't have the ideal work ethic to make it in the NFL. Maybe he has a great senior year like Balmer to get more money, then flop again once he's paid.


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            I want to see him do more on the field next season.

            I know that can be said with pretty much every prospect, but still....


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              All we hear about is potential, potential, potential when it comes to Austin, and that's thanks to his lack of impact on the football field. I rate him as a mid-round prospect at best and if he has work ethic question marks, he'll only continue to fall.

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                If he plays, I expect him to have a monster year. He's playing for a paycheck this year and I'd be very concerned, he's going to shut it down the second he gets it.


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                  To be honest, it sounds like he's headed for a season suspension along with at least USC tight end Weslye Saunders. Saunders, through his comments, is giving off the impression of concession of guilt(and he plays for my team, so if I'm biased in interpretation, it'd be the other way), and they shared the same South Beach hotel room.

                  He's got a lot of potential, but lived up from none of it. Coming into college, he was supposed to be an extremely talented under tackle. Because he's basically done nothing, he instead became a nose tackle, because the only thing he could do was take up space. He isn't overly competent at even that, however.

                  If this guy is say a three star going into college, he's a blip on the radar.

                  But he wasn't, and he does have the potential, he just has to live up to it for once.

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                    Compared to last Years Class he's not that good.


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                      Originally posted by dannyz View Post
                      Compared to last Years Class he's not that good.

                      That's not saying much


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                        Marvin Austin is just not that productive and it would take an incredibly stupid team to take him on the first two days. Maybe you burn a 3rd round pick on him just to take a chance if you have a big hole at DT.

                        That said, whatever the reason for his poor production, if he can turn it around then he will likely go in the top 15 picks.
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                          Johnathan Sullivan 2.0


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                            If he isn't productive, he better hope for the Mario Williams-Manny Lawson effect part 2 lol


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                              Originally posted by zachsaints52 View Post
                              Johnathan Sullivan 2.0
                              Or Ryan Sims?
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