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Prospect of the Day: RB Noel Devine, West Virginia

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  • Prospect of the Day: RB Noel Devine, West Virginia

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    RB Noel Devine, West Virginia
    5'8 - 176 lbs. - Senior


    Gotta hear this first, of course!

    Lightning. The kid is an exciting player to watch. He's very small, but he's very powerful for his size. Check this out:

    A power clean of 300 pounds, a 500-pound squat, a bench of 435 lbs., a 38-inch vertical leap, a 10-foot-7 inch broad jump, and a 4.04-second pro agility drill time.

    Pretty good for a small guy. And he's also got the Deion Sanders stamp of approval, and recently, when Deion likes a guy, he's good. Crabtree, then Dez, now Devine.

    He's very fast, very elusive, and I would absolutely love him in a Steelers uniform to complement Mendenhall and Dwyer.

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    Devine is a really interesting prospect. I'm not sure he'll become anything more than Leon Washington or Darren Sproles. And while both of those players are extremely good at what they do, I'm not sure I'd be happy giving up a high pick for him. I think he settles in the second round

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      I'm super surprised he came back for his senior season. Doesn't he have like 5 children? Nonetheless, he had one of the best HS films I've EVER seen. He'll be good in multiple roles in the NFL IMO.


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        His game changing ability is evident and I have a feeling next April he'll get overdrafted thanks to his situational, home run ability. I personally wouldn't take him until at least the 3rd round but I could see a team selecting him in round two.

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          I would have taken him in the first round this past draft. Really want him on the Pats to replace Faulk.


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            He has great lower body build just like Maurice Jones Drew. I really think he is going to be a good fit for a team that already has a solid running back in place.
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              He is good, a guy who should be drafted in the 3RD but because he is fast he will get overdrafted and picked in the 1ST or something and would be a bust.


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                He's dirty. Scary fast, any rb will be better for the Pats, not injury prone pieces of trash.


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                  I think Devine will be great in the NFL. How large a role he'll play remains to be seen, but if a team was willing to move him all over the field, he could be a great offensive threat.

                  I don't think I've ever seen a prospect before with the ability to change directions like Devine does. He won't be Barry Sanders, but he could be awesome.


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                    I want him to be a Patriot very badly, we need to take a running back early next year.


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                      Should have come out last year.


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                        He doesn't crack my Top 5 draft eligible RBs yet. Speed is there, but he isn't built to take a full load. Just doesn't quite have the upside other RBs do. I'd sa 2nd or 3rd round is adequate.

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                          If McCluster can go in the 2nd round, high 2nd round no less, then so can Devine. More and more teams want that style of player who can line up in a number of places and be dangerous.


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                            Originally posted by CLong4Heisman View Post
                            He has great lower body build just like Maurice Jones Drew. I really think he is going to be a good fit for a team that already has a solid running back in place.
                            Actually, he doesn't. That's Devine's problem from a physique standpoint; his wheels are thinnish for a RB, especially a small one.

                            MJJ's legs are almost twice the size of Devine's.

                            Also, if Devine breaks 4.45 in official testing, I would be mildly shocked. He's got pro quicks, but he gets tracked down a lot on his broken field runs.

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                              Can you trust a guy like him to take hit after hit and keep getting up?



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