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Prospect of the Day: WR Michael Floyd, Notre Dame

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  • Prospect of the Day: WR Michael Floyd, Notre Dame

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    WR Michael Floyd, Notre Dame
    6'3 - 220 lbs. - Junior


    The third of the four supremely talented WR's. He too, is a monster. Big and just as skilled as the best, his only major hindrance is his inability to remain healthy. I don't know why, but he reminds me of Larry Fitzgerald. And that could be setting the bar high for Floyd, but I believe he could be just as talented as Fitzy is.

    Props to clover_jeez!

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    I love Floyd's ability but the injury bug is his best friend and that forces me to drop him in my rankings and if I were running a team I would really question investing a first rounder and a bunch of money on him.

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      I need to see him play a full season before I can say top 20 pick. Once he does the sky is the limit
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        I think speed and separation might be a problem I think he will be a solid number 2 wr but not sure if he will live up to being a first round pick

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          I've been throwing out the Fitz comparison since his freshman year.

          Amazing ball skills and balance, and also a very good athlete.
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            A healthy Michael Floyd is the best WR in this draft. He's second to no one when it comes to going up and getting the ball. He has great size and terrific hands. He's strong, physical and can do a lot of damage after the catch. I am really impressive with how he uses his body to get separation in his routes. He's also a lot faster and more explosive than some give him credit for. Again, he NEEDS to stay healthy. But in the six games he was healthy, he averaged 126 ypg, 1.3 TD's and 18 ypc. He showed last season that he's capable of being the most dominant WR in CFB.

            These highlights are ridiculous. Each TD is more impressive than the next. I know Nevada's pass D isn't good at all but these TD's display the kind of speed and athleticism Floyd has.


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              wrong thread my bad


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                i have some serious man love for him


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                  The injury concerns scare me a bit, and he'll also be working in a new system breaking in a new QB this year too....I don't know if he'll have the opportunity to shine and move up ahead of some of the other WR studs.

                  Top half of the first round I'd say right now, with potential to move up.


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                    Come on, look who Michael Floyd is playing against. He's a great prospect, and although I question his speed, Clausen still had a difficult time hitting him in stride deep because apparently Floyd has some wheels, still what AJ Green and Julio Jones in the SEC is just more impressive than Floyd beasting Nevada, Navy and UConn.

                    Floyd isn't playing against many safeties and corners who will be earning paychecks on Sundays.

                    Mike has to stay healthy all season and test off the charts to jump Baldwin, Green and Jones, not necessarily in that order.

                    IMO 2010 season stats and their 40 times will be what ultimately determines how these guys go in the draft.
                    I don't see AJ Green going later than the 2nd WR off the board in any scenario, the others could go from the 1st receiver picked to the fourth.


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                      Originally posted by FUNBUNCHER View Post
                      I don't see AJ Green going later than the 2nd WR off the board in any scenario, the others could go from the 1st receiver picked to the fourth.
                      Right now, I've got it:

                      1.) Green
                      2.) Baldwin
                      3a.) Jones
                      3b.) Floyd
                      ...and a gap (though not a real huge one) til everyone else.


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                        He is incredibly talented and I agree, if he says healthy he is probably the best WR in this draft class. I am really interested to see how he does with Crist throwing to him instead of Clausen, but if he stays healthy he will still get his numbers and probably make some crazy catches. That catch against Nevada where the ball was VERY underthrown by Clausen and he had to slow all the way down looking over his shoulder, go up, catch the ball and then somehow stayed up and scored was insane.


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                          if he can stay healthy the entire season he should be a high enough pick but im not sure if he can

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                            If he stays healthy, hes my #1 WR in the draft. I think he is right up there with AJ Green, and he's clearly ahead of Baldwin and Jones at this point. I think hes a potential top 10 pick come next April. Hes an extremely physical WR, something that Green and Baldwin really aren't. I love the physicality, the route running skills, and the RAC ability. Hes alot more explosive then he gets credit for and I think if he stays healthy and runs anything in the 4.4's you are looking at a top 15 pick.
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                              I like Floyd a lot. I hope he has a good season.



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