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9/4 - Initial Mock Draft

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  • 9/4 - Initial Mock Draft

    The first mock draft of the year is posted!

    As always constructive criticism is not only welcomed but encouraged. However, please be sure to explain the reasoning behind your opinions just like I do in the mock or risk being infracted.

    Let's keep this thread fun and informative!

    Now... FIRE AWAY! :)
    Scott Wright, President


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    He's baaaack.... this just got me even more excited about one of the best days of the whole year, if that's even possible. Feels like Christmas. College football is on, my friends.
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      good KC pick who knows if Bowe is in KC's long term plans


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        Im starting to wonder if the Giants drafting a linebacker early is going to be one of those things like the Broncos (with Shanahan) drafting a running back or Carolina drafting a TE. Just one of those things everyone think will happen that just doesn't. I remember a few years ago, a bunch of people (myself included) thought they were going to draft Paul Posluszny.


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          lovin baldwin to the skins. perfect pick them. either him or floyd. i just want one of those (aj, julio, floyd or baldwin) on the team.

          RIP, Sean Taylor.


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            Baldwin is a good pick for the Redskins, we desperately need a playmaker at WR and Baldwin is a freak. I'm a little scared of his ability to get off at the pro level, but his rare size should help compensate.

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              As much as I was licking my lips, waiting for the 2011 draft for my Pats I am now in a quandry. I was anticipating us being able to turn our surplus early picks into 1 or 2 premium impact players - one skill position (HB or WR) and one pass rusher (DE or OLB).

              With what has since transpired (Mankins, Warren) and the total lack of execution on defense, I am resigned to the thought that Bill will not package those multiples (2 1sts and 2 seconds) and move up, but will do his typical shuffle backwards, trading down and focus on both lines.

              So much for a sexy draft for us.


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                I like the saints pick although I think shanle is the one that needs replacing, not upcoming first year starter casillas. A linebacker corps of vilma, casillas and jones would make the most undersized linebacker corps in the league. That is the issue I have with the saints pick. IMO (keep in mind this can easily be debated) the saints have a need for a strongside backer and jones projects as a weakside backer

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                - Corner or Wideout in the first
                - No reaching
                - No Kelvin Benjamin


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                  Quality Cowboys pick, you nailed the needing of youth on the o-line part. I'd rather have it be a C/OG, but I'll accept any o-lineman.


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                    For the eagles I would prefer a CB but with Amukamara going one pick ahead of them, it's a good pick.


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                      I like the Powe pick for us, but I'd love to have Carimi.
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                        I really hope the Rams aren't picking top 2 for the 4th straight year, but if they do, Green should be the pick.
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                          What a lovely surprise Scott!! Today just got even better. And soooooo glad we got a playmaker at wideout. I will do backflips if Green, Julio, Baldwin or Floyd fall into our laps.

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                            Everyone knows Jags are going to take a QB...Taking a DE is a unrealistic mock for the jags

                            Thanks BoneKrusher
                            IN SHAD WE TRUST


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                              Welcome back deadbeat dad...

                              Yes, the Browns certainly are in a good position to grab a franchise quarterback, but I'm very skeptical that they'd want a redshirt sophomore and I really doubt he'll come out.

                              They also desperately need front seven help



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