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Greg Romeus To Have Back Surgery

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  • Greg Romeus To Have Back Surgery

    possibly out for the year

    cred 2 BoneKrusher

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    Rob Gronkowski had back problems, missed a season and it probably dropped him a round. Back issues are never good. Dont expect him back anytime soon, the future of the player usually wins out in the end.


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      This won't effect his draft stock, It is something that will fix a problem permanently so it won't ring any alarm bells.


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        I really did think he was hurt when most were just bashing him for how he looked against Utah.


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          Sucks bought tickets to see this guy against miami

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            Medical redshirt?


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              Originally posted by tjsunstein View Post
              Medical redshirt?
              A possibility. I wonder if he'd want it even, or would just declare. Wanny isn't much of a medical redshirt guy though if Romeus has any chance to return.

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                They're saying Romeus could return in 4-6 weeks.

                Wannstedt expects Romeus to play in regular season
                By John Grupp, PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW
                Thursday, September 16, 2010

                Pitt defensive end Greg Romeus will undergo surgery Thursday to repair a herniated disc in his lower back, and when he will return is unclear.

                Pitt coach Dave Wannstedt said two of his former NFL defensive linemen had similar procedures and returned in less than two months.

                "I have been involved with players who've had surgery and have gotten back and finished out the season," he said. "They were (out) four to six weeks."

                Wannstedt's optimism stems from the post-surgery recoveries by Charles Haley of the Cowboys and Daryl Gardener of the Dolphins, who played for the sixth-year Pitt coach during his NFL days. Haley played in the Super Bowl about five weeks after the surgery.

                More recently, Rams running back Steven Jackson returned to full contact about two months after having off-season surgery to repair a herniated disc.

                If Romeus returns in two months - or mid November - he could be back in time to play for the Big East pre-season favorite Panthers (1-1) against conference foes USF, West Virginia and Cincinnati, plus any bowl game.

                Wannstedt clarified Wednesday when he said in an earlier statement that he expected Romeus to "return for the conclusion of the season," he was referring to the regular season, not just a bowl game.

                "The plan is it's not a season-ending surgery," Wannstedt said. "How many games will he get back for? We will just have to take that week to week. But I am very confident when Greg gets back, he will be playing at a high level and finish up a great senior year."

                Redshirt junior defensive end Brandon Lindsey, who had four tackles and two sacks against New Hampshire, will start against Miami on Sept. 23.

                Highly touted freshman T.J. Clemmings, a potential redshirt, also will help fill the loss at defensive end. The 6-foot-6, 280-pound Clemmings, from Paterson Catholic (N.J.), was rated as the nation's No. 6 defensive end prospect last year.

                "Guys will step up," Wannstedt said. "I know as much as they will miss Greg and want him back, these kids all came here with the purpose of getting an opportunity to play and now they will."

                Wannstedt said there has been no talk of petitioning the NCAA for a sixth year of eligibility for Romeus, a 6-foot-6, 270-pound fifth-year senior and a projected first-round pick.

                Romeus, of Coral Springs, Fla., dealt with back spasms and back stiffness during training camp. The trainers tried to alleviate the discomfort without surgery. He played in the opener at Utah and sat out last week against New Hampshire.

                "We took every step medically that was recommended," Wannstedt said. "When nothing completely cleared it up, this is where we are at."


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                  Sucks that Romeus is out, but it opens the door for Brandon Lindsey and Shayne Hale, who are two pretty good pass rushers in their own right.


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                    Originally posted by HinesWardJr View Post
                    Sucks that Romeus is out, but it opens the door for Brandon Lindsey and Shayne Hale, who are two pretty good pass rushers in their own right.
                    Shayne Hale... ugh. The door has BEEN open for Shayne Hale. He is without question the biggest disappointment of any Pitt recruit I can remember. This is the PERFECT opportunity for him to step up and show why he was a highly ranked recruit. Unfortunately, he is so far down on the depth chart, I'd be surprised to even see the field. They even removed the Redshirt from TJ Clemmings, who will probably see the field before Hale.

                    It's quite sad, really.

                    DE Depth Chart...

                    Greg Romeus
                    Jabbal Sheard
                    Brandon Lindsey
                    Nate Nix
                    Justin Hargrove
                    TJ Clemmings
                    Shayne Hale

                    Several other players, Justin Hargrove, Nate Nix and Shayne Hale, are expected to see their time increase at D-end. But another, blue-chip freshman T.J. Clemmings, will have his redshirt burned. He could play ahead of Hale, who just hasnít reached his stride in two years as a defensive lineman.

                    ďShayne has been giving good effort, but from an evaluation standpoint he just hasnít progressed to the standpoint where he can play,Ē Wannstedt said.

                    The silver lining in all of this, is that I fully expect Brandon Lindsey to be an absolute BEAST!


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                      A couple of points:

                      1) I HIGHLY doubt Romeus would consider a redshirt. He almost went pro as a junior and is ready to take his game to the next level. Think Jermaine Gresham's situation last year.

                      2) I am high on Romeus but I think there is a good chance he could fall out of Round 1.
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                        Originally posted by Scott Wright View Post

                        2) I am high on Romeus but I think there is a good chance he could fall out of Round 1.
                        all the way to 64 where my saints pick him

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