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Evan Royster's Draft Stock Plummeting?

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  • Evan Royster's Draft Stock Plummeting?

    He's averaging 3.5 ypc this year through three games and got benched today.

    He was probably a 2nd day pick anyway, but I'm starting to lean more towards UDFA.
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    He's SO slow.


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      For it to plummet, it would have to have been high to begin with!

      Royster is a mediocre college back whose only hope to play in the NFL is as a backup, at best.

      And I'm a Penn State fan too.


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        I thought before the season he was likely to be a well rounded, 3rd round pick at best. But yeah, he's done nothing to help himself this year. Doubtful he even gets drafted.


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          He's not half the prospect Tony Hunt was coming out, and that's pretty bad.


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            Originally posted by Go_Eagles77 View Post
            He's not half the prospect Tony Hunt was coming out, and that's pretty bad.
            Because if he is half the prospect, it equals out to double the pick where he was taken. So double 3rd so he is considered a 6th rounder. Divide by the square orbital of cube and you get.....

            He plummeted from a 6th to a 7th.


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              I've been saying for a long time that he isn't the 'power back' all the experts are claiming he is. I still think he'll get drafted if he can muster up any kind of a season in the second half (that is, if our offensive line continues coming together like they appear to finally be) but I never bought the best senior RB hype he was receiving and I'm a Penn State fan. Probably my least favorite starting RB we've had this decade, I even liked Austin Scott more...

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                Depending on what RB's Declare this year he could fall down hard. Williams,Ingram,Thomas and maybe a few guys like James,Lewis,Rodgers will make him fall.


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                  He still has a chance to be a first round draft the UFL.


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                    I wasn't aware he was even starting.

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                      Yea, he is slow. I went to the game yesterday and he just couldn't get any seperation.Tackled at the LOS it looked like, about every time like he couldn't find the hole
                      The other back (#21) was lighting it up though. From my seats, he looked smaller but faster with a lot of wiggle.
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                        royste r= antonio pittman?

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                          Originally posted by steelcrew43 View Post
                          royste r= antonio pittman?
                          Not even close. Pittman was above average in speed, but smallish. Wasn't quick enough for his size/power combo.

                          Royster moves like he's running in sand. I'm wondering if his legs have already given out. I remember him being kinda slow, but not this bad. Some people get used up early. Kinda sad.


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                            Yeah all depends on his forty time, which i feel is 4.6 or worse

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                              He'll put up numbers against Temple Saturday. That is in the 4th quarter when the 3 string is in.



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