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Locker / Mallett body Language Observation / Question?

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  • Locker / Mallett body Language Observation / Question?

    Iím not going to pretend I know these two quarterbacks very well. Iíve probably watched both 3-4 times. However, this year, being a Buffalo Bills fan, Iím looking at one of these guys as the next QB for the Bills, so Iím trying to pay more attention.

    While watching the Washington game, it just seemed like Locker didnít know what to do, he didnít seem fired up. On the sideline he left his helmet on, wasnít talking to anyone, just kind of seemed indifferent, lost.

    Mallett was in people faces, excited, seemed more in control on the field and on the sidelines.

    I may have missed little things here and there, but those were my general impressions this weekend of the two, from a body language / attitude standpoint.

    Iím not saying either is good or bad, but is this what both these guys are known for? Is Locker more of a controlled emotion guy and Mallett more of a in your face guy?

    I prefer the in your face guy to be honest, I think Buffalo needs that, but on the other hand being able to control your emotions well might be a better trait for an NFL QB.

    Mallett is more my kind of QB from a physical standpoint, especially for Buffalo winters with his arm strength, but Iím just trying to get some perspective on attitude of the two, because Locker kind of looked like Edwards does, just lost on the sidelines, and Iím just hoping thatís not his true personality.
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    It's the cocaine that keeps Mallett fired up.


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      Id prefer my QB to be calm and collected, dont really want them all jacked up on mountain dew.

      Originally posted by 49erNation85
      I wouldn't be sir prized if he passed McCoy on the depth chart. I think he might have a better arm and accurate arm then him from the highlights I thought. He also got some wheels too help us prepare for QB's as Wilson , RG3 and other runners etc.


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        It's kind of the Stafford vs Sanchez you're bringing up although i have certainly seen Jake animated on the sidelines. If you're a Bills fan and are looking for a Phillip Rivers type stay away from Locker, as a matter of fact just stay away from him period, we'll be glad to keep him right here in Seattle.


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          Apparently you didnt watch the byu game last year... jake got a bs penalty that lost us the game for being to fired up. he was just having a bad day against nebraska



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