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    One of my favorite prospects from this class is USC's Jurrell Casey. A 3 star undersized DT recruit out of THE Long Beach Poly, Jurrell's attitude,body and game have drastically evolved at the college level. The most disruptive force USC has had on the D line since Sedrick Ellis/Mike Patterson. He is the Trojan's best player at the moment; offense or defense. My question is, where does he rank (in your opinion) in this years draft?

    Some highlight:

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    Incredibly quick for his size but gets off the ball late from what I've seen. He has the size and quickness to make up for it at the college level but guards at the next level will push him back before he can come up if he doesn't work on recognition. I guess he's a nose tackle in the 4-3 but I could see him rotate in a 3-4 if needed.

    It sounds like I'm knocking the guy but I think he's a great prospect. Could be in the mid first - early second if he continues to build momentum off his sophomore year. The motor is there as well as the production and size.

    Intriguing early round prospect.


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      Really? Quickness of the ball is his main attribute in my opinion. I could see the strength issue though at the next level.


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        I actually saw Casey play in person last weekend and he's impressive. Very quick and active. I believe he had like 9 tackles in the game. My only concern is the height. They list him at 6-1 but I don't think he's even that tall. Very squatty. More Mike Patterson than Sedrick Ellis.
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          Nice I didn't know I was somebody's sig quote.

          As for Casey, he reminds me so much of Trevor Laws as a prospect, which I consider a good thing. Like everybody's saying, extremely quick and high motor, pretty good explosion off the ball, and naturally plays with good leverage. I'd say second rounder from what little I've seen.



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