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    Whats the general thought on him for the draft if he declares? He may not be the biggest. But then again, DeSean Jackson & McCluster are probably the same size. And yes. I know his production isn't nearly the same.

    But I can see a team taking a chance on him late 3rd round and beyond. Maybe earlier cause of his return abilities??

    I'm thinking of Jets/Justin Miller a few years back. They drafted him mainly because he was so good at returning the ball. And his upside at CB, I guess.
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    I like him as a pro prospect (shock horror). He's a dynamic player, with the only question being his occasional drops. It's tough to judge how crisp his routes are from tv, but he gets open a lot and he's very explosive, so he's definitely got the tools for a receivers coach to work with. Obviously you've got to factor in the team he plays for and the fact he's not the focal point of the offence in your evaluation.

    Undoubtedly his biggest selling point is his return ability, which is exceptional. He just knows where to go with the football when he's back there. Even if he's unimpressive in WR drills at the combine/pro day, he'd be drafted on his return skills alone.

    I think a lot of it depends on how he tests at the combine though. He's a little undersized, so he's going to have to prove that he has elite level speed and explosion in order to be taken in the first three rounds.


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      Like MIAOWW said, no one knows how his route ability to run routes is, although he is the type of WR to get great seperation from a defender. His main focal point in the NFL, would be in the return game. I just don't see him on the field even as a #3 WR as of now, unless he's on a bad team who needs a speed demon. It's not like he has caught any passes this year to say ok, he has potential to be a WR. I want to see can he catch a hitch, or go across the middle in traffic & pick up yards after the catch. He is just a deep threat WR IMO, who needs alot to work on as a prospect if he wants to improve as a WR, instead of being known as just a return man. I say if he end up staying for his Sr. year, he will get more touches in the offense due to our #1 WR Hankerson leaving this year. With Hankerson's departure that will move him up as the 2nd option in the receiving game behind LaRon Byrd.

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        I made mention b4 of how there has been plenty of guys who were drafted in the 2nd round b/c of their game changing ability @ returning kicks. With legitimate 4.3 speed to boast I could see him going late 2rd @ the earliest 4 rd he would b a steal.

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          Looks more like a 4.44 guy to me.

          Not a big fan at all.
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            He seems like a legit 4.3 to me. If I'm a decent team that has the luxury of taking a return ace and can develop him as a WR for a couple years, I take him in the second round without a doubt. Off the top of my head, Baltimore and Miami fit the description.


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              He's very fast, and while teams have taken return guys high, I still don't see it as a good value. He's definitely more of a mid rounder if he shows some progression at the receiving position, pretty raw.


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                I see DeSean Jackson. He gets open deep. He'll be a steal for some team.



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