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OT or OG Orlando Franklin [Miami]

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  • OT or OG Orlando Franklin [Miami]

    I have seen such differing opinions of this guy based on the position that he has played.

    Where does he rank as an OG?

    Where does he rank as an OT?

    ESPN has this guy in their top 25 prospects, but is there any chance he makes the 1st round?

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    He has been terrific this year in his move to LT. He has looked impressive against some really good pass rushers in Sheard and Heyward. He dropped so weight and he's moving around really well. Maybe I'm bias but he is easily the best run blocking OT in college football right now. He is very physical and gives the Canes so much flexibility in there overload packages which they basically use to feature him. I would confidently take him over Matt Reynolds. I don't see him kicking back inside to guard with the way he's looked at OT. Also physically, with his height, he's best suited on the outside. He's probably a RT prospect but RT's are becoming of greater and greater value as we can see by top picks who have been invested to play on the right side (Jason and Andre Smith, Anthony Davis). With the uncertainty atop the OT position, if he can continue to play at the level he's playing at now, I would expect him to rise higher and higher up draft boards.


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      He reminds me of Branden Albert. I hope he goes back to G in the NFL though.


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        I like him quite a bit personally, but further evaluation is necessary. He's big and strong enough...


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          I watched the Florida State game today and feel that Franklin is simply playing the wrong position.

          As a tackle his pass sets and hand use is weak and would be exposed at the next level.

          But his run blocking and when he slides down inside on pass plays loos really good. There is not doubt he is a big physical man and he needs to be playing OG.

          As an OG he loos lie a 2nd-3rd round player, dude is killing his stock out at LT.


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            Frankling (as well as the rest of the team) had a pretty poor showing against FSU but he's had a real solid year at tackle and I think that's where he ends up in the NFL. His biggest problem has been pad level which would kill him even more so at guard and his body is definitely more suited at tackle. Great length and fairly good athleticism, he's still improving in his first full year at tackle though. I haven't looked at the FSU tape because it will probably make me sick but I think it was more of a bad game than him being at the wrong position. Through the first four games he looked fantastic at LT. Probably a 2nd/3rd round guy at RT, which there seems to be a bunch of this year. Seeing how the OT class works out is gonna be interesting.

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