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  • The Other WR's

    We all know AJ Green, Julio Jones, Michael Floyd and Jonathan Baldwin are guys we put as 1st round talents, but what about the guys under them? I havent heard much talk about the other WR's ranked under them and who has rised fallen so far this season.....

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    Dwayne harris-ECU..

    Good player


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      One of my favorite players this year is Greg Little, not that we can watch much tape on him this year.. But hes so much like BMarsh I cant help but salivate thinking of giving him to Cutler.
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        I like Little as well, he always jumped out at me last year. Stud with the ball in his hands.


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          Titus Young from Boise State. This guy will be a beast in the slot in the NFL.

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            Leonard Hankerson is a beast. He'll be solid in the NFL. Probably a 2nd rounder.


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              Kealoha Pilares. Might be the best slot WR prospect in college football. Yeah, I said it. He's better than Davone Bess was at Hawaii. Faster, stronger, quicker in his cuts, and breaks more tackles. Bess had slightly better hands, but that's more a credit to how good he was. Already has 9 TDs this year!

              Any team wanting a Wes Welker, Davone Bess type slot... Look no further...

              He just had an 18 catch (Hawaii record), 212 yard, 2 TD day last Saturday against LaTech on the way to winning WAC player of the week.


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                I have Leonard Hankerson being the top WR taken in the 2nd round

                Originally Posted by JoeJoeBrown
                The most important thing, however, is how strong their swagger factors are.
                South of the Mason Dixon +10 swagger
                Barely literate +5 swagger
                Thief +15 swagger
                Kicked off of a team of thugs +20 swagger
                Big, average speed -3 swagger
                Hasn't done jacksquat on the field +15 swagger
                Total Swagger: 62
                ATL College Park Zone 3* +20 swagger Bonus pts


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                  Titus Young is going to be a good pickup as a pure slot guy/return man ala Shipley last year, but faster. I'm thinking he might be a 2nd rounder when all is said and done.

                  His running mate Austin Pettis is probably going to be a mid-rounder as a possession type of threat on the outside. Maybe like a Kevin Walter type or someone like that....Walter is thicker but I think Pettis could put on some muscle in a pro workout program.


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                    Young, Hankerson, Posey & DeAndre Brown should not be slept on at all.

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                      Vincent Brown and Derrell Johnson-Koulianos

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                        After the "Big 4" you have guys like Ryan Broyles, DeVier Posey, Leonard Hankerson, Greg Little, Niles Paul, Austin Pettis, Titus Young, Dwayne Harris, Vincent Brown and Ronald Johnson.

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                          Derrell Johnson-Koulianos is gonna be a nice #2 WR for some team. Especially when hes there for the picking in the 4th or 5th.

                          6'2 207 lbs wide receiver who can block, runs good routes, and has some solid hands. Underrated by an athletic stand point. Isnt gonna wow you like a AJ Green but has a knack of getting behind safeties and being a consistent 3rd down converter.



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                            Posey and Ronald Johnson are my #5 and #6. Both are starting caliber prospects. If Posey can learn to catch he could be a first rounder.


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                              I'm a huge fan of Armon Binns. I think he could be a mid round pick.

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