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  • Stephon Gilmore Look Ahead

    If Stephon Gilmore were to come out in 2012 where do you see him being drafted at?

    I believe he will be one of the top CB's taken in the 1st rd that year, if he decides to come out maybe in the top 15 range of the draft.

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    Originally Posted by JoeJoeBrown
    The most important thing, however, is how strong their swagger factors are.
    South of the Mason Dixon +10 swagger
    Barely literate +5 swagger
    Thief +15 swagger
    Kicked off of a team of thugs +20 swagger
    Big, average speed -3 swagger
    Hasn't done jacksquat on the field +15 swagger
    Total Swagger: 62
    ATL College Park Zone 3* +20 swagger Bonus pts

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