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Outback Bowl: Wisniewski vs Pouncey

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  • Outback Bowl: Wisniewski vs Pouncey

    I rewatched the Outback Bowl and agree with the assessment of each of the interesting prospects.

    Mike Pouncey [Comparison: Davin Joseph]

    -He is an OG playing C he simply does not do well when he is uncovered.

    -Strengths: He is big and physical and combines that with great athletic ability as was seen on a number of pulls and cuts. What impresses me is how hard he comes off the ball. He explodes out of his stance and puts all 310lbs. into the man.

    -Weaknesses: He is not a center and you can tell when he is blitzed at or things move in front of him. His hand placement is weak and he relies on exploding into the man rather than locking on and controlling his movements.

    Stefen Wisniewski [Comparison: Ben Grubbs]

    -He could be an OG, but he plays like a center.

    -Strength: Great technique and hand placement allows him to control his opponent as he did against a number of 5 star recruits. He comes off low and work hard to drive his man back. His awareness to me was his biggest strength as he picked up almost every blitz and stunt on his side. The goal line play in the 1st half showed he has some power.

    -Weakness: Will never be a player that blows the opponent off the line and his pass pro is 100% based on technique and he gives up ground. He spends a little more time on the ground then I would like to see.

    Who do you think helped themselves the most? And who gets drafted higher?

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    Care to explain the Grubbs comparison? I don't see it on any level.

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      Pouncey is a beast. He is better than Joseph in my opinion. He will be a pro bowl guard within 2 years at the next level.


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        I love Wisneiski. I think he can play center but I'm not sure if he can handle 34 NT's
        Pouncey has no business playing C. He's a OG all the way
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          Originally posted by SeanTaylorRIP View Post
          Care to explain the Grubbs comparison? I don't see it on any level.
          I see a couple of players that do not rely on power, but quickness and good angles. I think that they both could be considered position blockers in the run game and both are very good at picking up the junk in the pass game.



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