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Christian Ponder and Ricky Stanzi

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  • Christian Ponder and Ricky Stanzi

    Can I get some opinions on these guys? An actual analysis, not a "he sucks." Thanks.

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    I watched Ricky Stanzi his bowl game against Mizz . He looked pretty good actually.He does have above average arm , might be slight on accuracy tho.I think both are tough guys to have a good potential in the NFL.Both kids also coming out of pro style offense should be ready.I would draft Stanzi in either round 3 or 4 , depending on how they show up in Mobile .
    Ponder has a good chance going in the second round .I've only seen maybe 3 or so games of him.The times I have watched he seems to have a good arm and all the right tools and leadership on the field.It is all just where they will go in the draft.I think we see any QB taken until the third round since most teams won't need any in round unless they skip one in the first.


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      I like Ponder's tools and NFL potential better than Stanzi. Ponder sorta reminds me of Kevin Kolb.


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        Here is Scott's scouting report on Ponder.

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          Originally posted by Hurricanes25 View Post
          Here is Scott's scouting report on Ponder.

          I read that, just trying to see what other people think.


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            I have seen a lot of Stanzi's games as I lived in IC for the last couple of years. Being a cyclone grad and fan I always try to be objective when dealing with Iowa players, but I do tend to be hard on them.
            My take on Stanzi:
            Not overly gifted athletically. Arm strength is average, accuracy is not great. Not a mobile qb but moves around in the pocket well, good pocket presence. Seems to have a good head on his shoulder, makes good reads and avoids throwing into bad spots. I think he can be a good backup that could win you a couple of games if you need him to. Just never going to wow you with his arm and may struggle when the speed of the game gets quicker. Seems to work hard and has improved a lot in the last couple of years. More of a game manager than a QB that can win you games, but plays smart enough and can make enough throws not to lose games either.
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              Ponder will be a steal for someone in the 2nd rnd..

              Has good size and mobility...Mid range Accuracy is as good as it gets...He can throw it downfield but accuracy deep is a little more iffy...Very intelligent QB...

              The team that takes him even with the health concerns will be rewarded...

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                Both are mid 3rd-early 5th to me right now.

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                  Originally posted by View Post
                  Ponder's tools and NFL potential
                  Originally posted by goldenbear.cal_
                  Ponder sorta reminds me of Kevin Kolb.
                  I don't get it.


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                    I prefer Stanzi over the two. He possess nice size, decent mobility and does a terrific job of throwing on the move. He doesn't throw the greatest deep ball but something that can hopefully progress over time because his arm is good enough to stretch the field.

                    Christian Ponder and everyone's love affair with him has always been baffling to me. I'll acknowledge that he's got real good mobility for the position but his arm strength is average at best and he's only put together one notable season at Florida State. He's a solid guy to have as a backup but certainly not a guy you want under center for more than a game or two every year.

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                      I don't really get a lot of the criticism on Ponder's deep ball. As the season progressed and Ponder became comfortable with his new WRs (people under estimate how much it hurt to lose Jarmon Fortson) his deep ball improved dramatically. This was most evident against UNC and UF where he had a couple pretty bombs to Rodney Smith and vs. UF a strike in traffic to Willie Haulstead. In comparison to Stanzi, Ponder is considerably more athletic and generally has a tremendous sense of when to run compared to taking off at the first sign of danger. Ponder played in a more complicated passing attack and was given tremendous freedom to call his own plays at the line.

                      When looking at the FEI, FSU played the most difficult schedule in terms of defenses faced in 2010, which coupled with breaking in a lot of inexperienced WRs and injuries on the OL Ponder's play was on par with 2009 despite what the numbers said. He went from being asked to throw for over 300 a game to being able to depend on the running game to grind games out which deflated his numbers.

                      Ultimately I think Ponder could go late 1st-early 3rd, Stanzi mid-3rd to 6th.


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                        I like Ponder as a developmental guy. His tools remind me a lot of Romo, and I think he could follow a similar career path. That said, he's more likely to be a career backup and flame out of the league than become Romo. But I see the similarities in playing style and measurables.


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                          As an Iowa fan, I love me some Captain America. However, he leaves a lot to be desired if you want him to start in the NFL. He is smart and usually will make good decisions. Most of his boneheaded plays will be because he tried to force something for no reason, but it's not like that happens a lot. His high number of INTs and probably around half of his bad/non-INT throws are on throws that weren't necessarily bad decisions, but ones he made too late or just were bad throws. His accuracy, even though improved, needs work especially on deep balls. He is actually quite a lot better while on the move, where his throws seem stronger and a lot more accurate, and he also isn't the fastest but definitely has better mobility than he's given credit for.

                          Overall, right now he seems like the prototypical game manager and will probably at least be a decent to good 2nd string QB who won't suck if he has to play, but could also surprise on some occasions.

                          The biggest thing I want to see with Ricky is when he gets to a team and has the ability to work with an actual QB coach. I know I've mentioned it before, but Iowa never had a QB specific coach and our OC Ken O'Keefe has always just done double duty. Some Iowa fans think this is fine and O'Keefe knows QBs, but I disagree and even if he did, how can he spend enough time on helping the QBs when he has the entire offense to worry about? You can see over the years Iowa QBs never really progress until Stanzi this year.

                          I would say right now if he has a decent combine/workouts, someone will take a shot on him in the 5th-ish, maybe high 4th if he has great workouts, or 6th-7th if he bombs.


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                            Originally posted by yourfavestoner View Post
                            I like Ponder as a developmental guy. His tools remind me a lot of Romo, and I think he could follow a similar career path. That said, he's more likely to be a career backup and flame out of the league than become Romo. But I see the similarities in playing style and measurables.

                            Count me on this train of thought too. A good QB to sit behind a good established QB for a few years and you might strike gold.



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