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Boston College LB Luke Keuchly

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  • Boston College LB Luke Keuchly

    Scott, what have you heard in scouting circles about this guy? Just a true sophomore but a 6'2 235 lb. ILB and a tackling machine.

    BTW..Keuchly will be in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl tomm vs everyones favorite pistol QB Colin Kaepernick and Nevada. Go Eagles!

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    He is a beast. Herzlich gets all of the attention and publicity (and I guess rightfully so) but Keuchly is just as good, if not better than Herzlich.

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      Herzy is a different animal. He's more rangy and makes more plays in coverage. Keuchly is just a gap-busting tackling machine and I would assume is projecting as a true franchise 4-3 MLB.


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        Keuchly had something like 170 tackles this year.. maybe a Jarrett Johnson type next level?
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        Coples is that dude.
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          I like this guy a lot.

          Definitely early round potential in a year or two.
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            Keuchly can play anywhere in the 4-3 or probably inside in the 3-4. He needs to get bigger, but has added size already and should continue to do so. He is an absolute beast and will be a first rounder barring bad luck.


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              Real good prospect. He still needs to get bigger and stronger, but he's a real good prospect. Should be a first rounder next year.

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                He is a monster. That is all.
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                What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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                  Can't teach instincts...and this kid has 'em


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                    as a student at BC and someone who watched every game, this guy is awesome and a much better prospect than Herzlich. Ive never seen a linebacker get from sideline to sideline faster than Keuchly. He is an instinctive player that can bust up a gap or chase down a runningback trying to kick it outside. But he is also awesome in coverage and can cover any runningback or tightend. skip to 1:50 in the video to see Keuchly in coverage and then come away with a nice pick on the sidelines in back to back plays.


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                    Originally posted by Lions WMD
                    None of you will be alive to see who gets picked at #3 if the Lions don't pick Suh at #2. I'll blow up the whole world.


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                      Andy Katzenmoyer.


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                        Originally posted by thenewfeature06 View Post
                        Keuchly had something like 170 tackles this year.. maybe a Jarrett Johnson type next level?
                        Jarret Johnson is a converted DE and probably has 40 lbs on Keuchly. I think Keuchly is compares more to Vilma...tackling machine.


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                          Vontaze Burfit already has sophomore MLB chunk of love I have, but I'm sure this guy is a fine player himself.

                          I look forward to maybe watching BC/Nevada tonight.


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                            Boston College fan here...

                            The guys is Zach Thomas with a bit more athleticism. He has bulked up a lot since his freshman season, but needs to put more onto his frame. If he does I can see him being a real effective LB in either the 34 or 43.


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                     bout that Keuchly guy? Lol



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