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Pierre Allen, DE, Nebraska

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  • Pierre Allen, DE, Nebraska

    I couldn't find a thread on him. What's your opinion on this guy? From watch I've seen he's big, strong and has a great motor. But he's not a great athlete which we all know goes a long way at that position. Also, could he play OLB in the 3-4? Imo he looks like a mid rounder at this point, but I'm curious to hear your opinions on him.

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    Pierre Allen reminds me alot of aldon Smith. He isn't very fast but is strong at the point of attack and uses his hands well. i think that he could play linebacker in a 3-4 scheme like the ravens or browns run.


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      Late rounder.

      Not overly athletic and not much of a pass rusher. Even his pressures are normally a result of coverage more than Pierre beating his man.

      Aldon is not a good comparison to Pierre either. Pierre has nowhere near the athleticism or speed Aldon does off the edge.

      Really, Pierre has nothing at all that even stands out about him.


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        4th round...



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