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  • Build a Team of Prospects - 2011

    Welcome to the "Build a Team of Prospects" challenge for 2011. This will be the 4th year I've run one of these, and I'm looking forward to this one. With Scott's rankings updated and some time left before the Senior Bowl and Combine, now is as good of time as any.

    Due to the sheer number of submissions and lack of time to invest on my end, I was unable to declare a victor last year. So in order to lighten the load a little bit, I've enlisted the help of TACKLE in helping me determine the finalists this year.

    Basically, you will be creating a team of 22 players (11 starters offense and defense) using prospects from the 2011 NFL Draft and one player who is still in college, with the exception of Andrew Luck.

    Also, since it has been an issue in the past, your team will be judged based on how it would do as a pro style team. (As opposed to a college style team.)

    Furthermore, as another change for this year, we will be using Scott's Top 100 prospects list as a basis for player limits. (As opposed to using his mock in previous years which left a lot of gray areas.) In addition, I've decided to try and make the process a bit more challenging. I felt that in previous years, I allowed the use of too many early round selections. So, there will be fewer early picks meaning you'll have to do some digging to try and find some "steals" with your late round picks.

    If you think it would help you, feel free to include some details about the system you will be running on offense or defense.

    The Top 100 list can be found at the following address:

    Using that list, you will create a team of prospects within the following limits:

    1 Top 5 pick
    1 Top 15 pick (not in the top 5)
    2 Top 30 picks (not in the top 15)
    2 Top 50 picks (not in the top 30)
    3 Top 75 picks (not in the top 50)
    4 Top 100 picks (not in the top 75)
    8 Players not ranked in the Top 100
    1 Player still in the NCAA (NOT Andrew Luck)

    You will have until 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday, January 25th to submit your team in this thread. Any submissions after that will not be counted. TACKLE and I will then compile our top teams and come up with at least 5 finalists. (More is possible, but it will be at least 5.) I will then make a poll thread where everyone will get to vote for the winner. The team in the lead after 3 days will be declared the winner. That poster will get plus rep from me and hopefully the other participants. They will also get to gloat and feel good about themselves for a while.

    Here is a team I threw together quickly as an example. It will not be included in the judging. Please stick to this format to make it easier on us to grade and rank the teams. It is very helpful if they are all uniform. If you venture too far from this format, your submission will not count. In fact, it would be recommended if you just copy/pasted mine and substituted your own players and styles.

    You do not have to have these exact positions....for example, if you want a 3rd WR and not a TE, so be it. Just make sure you have a reasonable 11 on both sides of the ball. (IE 5 o-lineman, etc.)

    Offense: Pro-style, balanced (mistake free football)
    Defense: 4-3, aggressive (get after the passer and force him into mistakes)

    QB: Ricky Stanzi - Iowa
    RB: Bilal Powell - Louisville
    3DRB: Jacquizz Rodgers - Oregon State
    WR: Greg Salas - Hawaii
    WR: Matt Szczur - Villanova
    TE: Weslye Saunders - South Carolina
    LT: Tyron Smith - USC
    LG: Jon Moffitt - Wisconsin
    C: Zane Taylor - Utah
    RG: Marcus Cannon - TCU
    RT: Lee Zeimba - Auburn

    DE: DaQuan Bowers - Clemson
    DT: Corey Liuget - Illinois
    DT: Drake Nevis - LSU
    DE: Dontay Moch - Nevada
    SAM: KJ Wright - Miss St.
    MIKE: Martez Wilson - Illinois
    WILL: Mason Foster - Washington
    CB: Davon House - NM St.
    CB: Alfonso Dennard - Nebraska (2012)
    FS: Patrick Peterson - LSU
    SS: Deunta Williams - UNC

    (1)Top 5 - Patrick Peterson
    (1)Top 15 - DaQuan Bowers
    (2)Top 30 - Tyron Smith, Corey Liuget
    (2)Top 50 - Drake Nevis, Marcus Cannon
    (3)Top 75 - Dontay Moch, Martez Wilson, Mason Foster
    (4)Top 100 - Ricky Stanzi, Lee Zeimba, Jon Moffitt, Deunta Williams
    (8 )Outside top 100 - Bilal Powell, Jacquizz Rodgers, Greg Salas, Matt Szczur, Weslye Saunders, Zane Taylor, KJ Wright, Davon House
    (1)NCAA player - Alfonzo Dennard
    So there you have it. Good luck. If you have further questions, feel free to ask, but please try to keep the thread clean of conversation. Save any analysis for the finalist thread.
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    I'll take a stab at this...

    Team Name: Omaha Cowtippers
    Offense: Pro-Style, Balanced (lots of play action)
    Defense: 3-4 Zone Blitzing

    QB: Nick Foles - Arizona
    RB: Mikel Leshoure - Illinois
    RB: Jordan Todman - Connecticut
    WR: Leonard Hankerson - Miami
    WR: Derrell Johnson-Koulianos - Iowa
    TE: Schuylar Oordt - Northern Iowa
    LT: Nate Solder - Colorado
    LG: Clint Boling - Georgia
    C: Kristopher O'Dowd - USC
    RG: Marcus Cannon - TCU
    RT: Anthony Costanzo - Boston College

    DE: Christian Ballard - Iowa
    NT: Phil Taylor - Baylor
    DE: Lawrence Guy - Arizona St
    OLB: Robert Quinn - North Carolina
    OLB: Jabaal Sheard - Pittsburgh
    ILB: Josh Bynes - Aburn
    ILB: K.J. Wright - Mississippi St
    CB: Prince Amukamara - Nebraska
    CB: Rashad Carmichael - Virginia Tech
    FS: Deunta Williams - North Carolina
    SS: Tyler Sash - Iowa

    1(Top 5) - Robert Quinn
    1(Top15) - Prince Amukamara
    2(Top30) - Solder, Costanzo
    2(Top50) - Cannon, Ballard
    3(Top75) - Hankerson, Leshoure, Sheard
    4(Top100)- Carmichael, Taylor, Williams, Boling
    1(NCAA) - Foles
    8(Non100) - O'Dowd, Johnson-Koulianos, Todman, Bynes, Guy, Wright, Sash, Oordt
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      QB: Jake Locker QB Washington
      RB: DeMarco Murry OU
      WR: Titus Young Boise State
      WR: Jeff Mehli Oregon
      WR: Ronald Johnson USC
      TE: Kyle Rudolph ND
      LT: Lee Ziemba Auburn
      LG: Carl Johnson Florida
      C: Ryan Tolar Washington
      RG: Mike Pouncey Florida
      RT: Bo Thran Oregon

      DE: JJ Watt Wis
      DT:Nick Fairley Auburn
      DT: Terron Sanders Florida
      DE: Ryan Winterssky
      SAM: Brain Smith ND
      MIKE: Casey Matthews Oregon
      WILL: Obie Ezeh Michigan
      CB: Ras-I-Dowling Virgina
      CB: Brandon Burton Utah
      FS: Will Hill Florida
      SS: Ahmad Black Florida

      Jake Locker - top 15
      Nick Fairley - top 5
      JJ Watt - top 30
      Kyle Rudolph top 30
      Mike Pouncey - top 50
      Ras-I-Dowling - top 50
      Titus Young, and Brandon Burton - top 75
      Ahmad Black , Lee Ziemba ,Jordan Todman, Ronald Johnson USC - top 100
      Jeff Mehlli WR Oregon ( 2012 pick , not sure if hes going this year )
      Terron Sanders ,Brain Smith,Will Hill,Obie Ezeh ,Ryan Winterssky,Ryan Tolar,
      Carl Johnson,Casey Mathews ILB(outside of top 100 ) Was really hard picks but if they are not let me know and I will go back and edit them soon .
      Offense I will be running a west coast style base with some spread looks in as will to spread out the defense.
      Defense will be running a simple 4-3 look and heavy blitz package.
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        Offense: Pro-style, Ball-control offense
        Defense: 3-4, aggressive

        QB: Andy Dalton - TCU (Outside Top 100)
        RB: Trent Richardson - Alabama (2012)
        FB: Henry Hynoski - Pittsburgh (Outside Top 100)
        WR: Julio Jones - Alabama (Top 15)
        TE: D.J. Williams - Arkansas (Outside Top 100)
        LT: Anthony Castonzo - Boston College (Top 30)
        LG: Danny Watkins - Baylor (Top 100)
        C: Stefan Wisniewski - Penn State (Top 50)
        RG: Keith Williams - Nebraska (Outside Top 100)
        RT: Orlando Franklin - Miami (Top 75)
        WR: Greg Little - North Carolina (Top 100)

        DE: Cameron Heyward - Ohio State (Top 30)
        NT: Phil Taylor - Baylor (Top 100)
        DE: Muhammed Wilkerson - Temple (Top 75)
        OLB: Justin Houston- Georgia (Top 50)
        ILB: Martez Wilson - Illinois (Top 75)
        ILB: K.J. Wright - Mississippi State (Outside Top 100)
        OLB: Tom Kaiser - Stanford (Outside Top 100)
        CB: Patrick Peterson - LSU (Top 5)
        FS: Deunta Williams - North Carolina (Top 100)
        SS: Jeron Johnson - Boise State (Outside Top 100)
        CB: Davon House - New Mexico State (Outside Top 100)

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          Offense: Pro Style
          Defense: Aggressive 4-3

          QB- Andy Dalton TCU
          RB- DeMarco Murray Oklahoma
          WR- Julio Jones Georgia
          WR- Niles Paul Nebraska
          WR- Greg Salas Hawaii
          TE- DJ Williams Arkansas
          OT- Derek Sherrod Mississippi State
          OT- Lee Ziemba LSU
          OG- John Moffitt Wisconsin
          OG- James Carpenter Alabama
          C- Stefen Wisniewski Penn State

          DE- Greg Romeus Pitt
          DT- Jurrell Casey USC
          DT- Drake Nevis LSU
          DE- Brandon Jenkins FSU
          OLB- Dontay Moch Nevada
          MLB- Casey Matthews Oregon
          OLB- Akeem Ayers UCLA
          CB- Patrick Peterson LSU
          CB- Chykie Brown Texas
          FS- Jerron Johnson Boise State
          SS- Deunta Williams UNC

          Top 5- Patrick Peterson
          Top 15- Julio Jones
          Top 30- Akeem Ayers, Derek Sherrod
          Top 50- Drake Nevis, Stefen Wisniewski
          Top 75- Dontay Moch, Jurrell Casey, Demarco Murray
          Top 100- Greg Romeus, Lee Ziemba, John Moffitt, Deunta Williams
          Outside 100- Andy Dalton, Niles Paul, Greg Salas, DJ Williams, Chykie Brown, Jerron Johnson, James Carpenter, Casey Matthews
          2012- Brandon Jenkins

          Originally posted by SolidGold
          Originally posted by Monomach
          Brilliant letting one of Scott Pioli's henchmen have his own team to ruin.  One of the premier GM jobs in the NFL and it gets handed to a stupid **** who makes three facepalm moves for every good one.  Awesome.  Just like handing a new Mercedes to a 16 year old girl who's already been in three wrecks. 


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            QB - Andy Dalton, TCU
            RB - Mikel LeShoure, Illinois
            FB - Owen Marecic, Stanford
            WR - A.J. Green, Georgia
            WR - Leonard Hankerson, Miami
            TE - D.J. Williams, Arkansas
            LT - Nate Solder, Colorado
            LG - David Decastro, Stanford
            C - John Moffit, Wisconsin
            RG - Marcus Cannon, TCU
            RT - Lee Ziemba, Auburn

            3-4 Defense

            DE - Jarvis Jenkins, Clemson
            NT - Jerrell Powe, Ole Miss
            DE - Kenrick Ellis, Hampton
            OLB - Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue
            ILB - Casey Matthews, Oregon
            ILB - Josh Bynes, Auburn
            OLB - Sam Acho, Texas
            CB - Prince Amukamara, Nebraska
            FS - Ahmad Black, Florida
            SS - Robert Sands, West Virginia
            CB - Jimmy Smith, Colorado

            (1)Top 5 - A.J. Green
            (1)Top 15 - Prince Amukamara
            (2)Top 30 - Ryan Kerrigan, Nate Solder
            (2)Top 50 - Jimmy Smith, Marcus Cannon
            (3)Top 75 - Jerrell Powe, Mike LeShoure, Leonard Hankerson
            (4)Top 100 - Jarvis Jenkins, Lee Ziemba, Ahmad Black, John Moffit
            (8 )Outside top 100 - Andy Dalton, D.J. Williams, Robert Sands, Casey Matthews, Josh Bynes, Kenrick Ellis, Sam Acho, Owen Marecic
            (1)NCAA player - David DeCastro
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              QB: Pat Devlin - Delaware
              RB: Mark Ingram - Alabama
              WR: A.J. Green - Georgia
              WR: Jerrel Jernigan - Troy
              WR: Alshon Jeffery - South Carolina
              TE: D.J. Williams - Arkansas
              OT: Gabe Carimi - Wisconsin
              OT: Joseph Barksdale - LSU
              G: John Moffitt - Wisconsin
              G: James Carpenter - Alabama
              C: Kristofer O'Dowd - USC

              DE: Da'Quan Bowers - Clemson
              DE: Greg Romeus - Pittsburgh
              DT: Stephen Paea - Oregon State
              DT: Marvin Austin - North Carolina
              LB: Mark Herzlich - Boston College
              LB: Casey Matthews - Oregon
              CB: Brandon Burton - Utah
              CB: Rashad Carmichael - Virginia Tech
              CB: Chimdi Chekwa - Ohio State
              S: Ahmad Black - Florida
              S: Will Hill - Florida

              Draft Selections:
              (1) Top 5: A.J. Green, WR - Georgia (1)
              (1) Top 15: Da'Quan Bowers, DE - Clemson (7)
              (2) Top 30: Stephen Paea, DT - Oregon State (16), Mark Ingram, RB - Alabama (21)
              (2) Top 50: Gabe Carimi, OT - Wisconsin (40), Mark Herzlich, LB - Boston College (50)
              (3) Top 75: Jerrel Jernigan, WR - Troy (54), Marvin Austin, DT - North Carolina (61), Brandon Burton, CB - Utah (63)
              (4) Top 100: Greg Romeus, DE - Pittsburgh (77), Rashad Carmichael, CB - Virginia Tech, Ahmad Black, S - Florida (83), John Moffitt, G - Wisconsin (93)
              (8) Outside of the Top 100: Pat Devlin, QB - Delaware, D.J. Williams, TE - Arkansas, Joseph Barksdale, OT - LSU, James Carpenter, G - Alabama, Kristofer O'Dowd, C - USC, Casey Matthews, LB - Oregon, Chimdi Chekwa, CB - Ohio State, Will Hill, S - Florida
              (1) College Player: Alshon Jeffery, WR - South Carolina
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                I'd do this but it's so time consuming. I'll give it a go tomorrow.


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                  Offensive Gameplan: Between the tackles run game setting up a play-action oriented passing attack that focuses on pushing the ball deep and attacks the middle of the field. A handful of wildcat plays per game with Randall Cobb and Mark Ingram running the show.

                  Defensive Gameplan: Base 4-3 defense with some 3-4 thrown in on rare occasions. Emphasis on getting pass rush with front four instead of blitzes. Lots of defensive line stunts. Lots of zone coverage for the secondary.

                  - Matt Barkley, USC (2012)
                  - Mark Ingram, Alabama (top 30)
                  - A.J. Green, Georgia (top 5)
                  - Julio Jones, Alabama (top 15)
                  - Randall Cobb, Kentucky (top 75)
                  - Luke Stocker, Tennessee (top 100)
                  - Nate Solder, Colorado (top 30)
                  - James Carpenter, Alabama (N/R)
                  - Stefen Wisniewski, Penn State (top 50)
                  - Clint Boling, Georgia (top 100)
                  - Marcus Cannon, Texas Christian (top 50)
                  - Greg Romeus, Pittsburgh (top 100)
                  - Sam Acho, Texas (N/R)
                  - Kendrick Ellis, Hampton (N/R)
                  - Sione Fua, Stanford (N/R)
                  - Casey Matthews, Oregon (N/R)
                  - Mason Foster, Washington (top 75)
                  - Martez Wilson, Illinois (top 75)
                  - Chimdi Chekwa, Ohio State (N/R)
                  - Shareece Wright, USC (N/R)
                  - Deandre McDaniel, Clemson (top 100)
                  - Jeron Johnson, Boise State (N/R)

                  3-4 Look (Ran only a handful of times per game)
                  - Greg Romeus
                  - Sione Fua
                  - Kendrick Ellis
                  - Casey Matthews
                  - Sam Acho
                  - Mason Foster
                  - Martez Wilson
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                    1 Top 5 pick - Patrick Peterson
                    1 Top 15 pick (not in the top 5) - Von Miller
                    2 Top 30 picks (not in the top 15) - Nate Solder, Cam Jordan
                    2 Top 50 picks (not in the top 30) - Marcus Cannon, Stefen Wisniewski
                    3 Top 75 picks (not in the top 50) - Leonard Hankerson, Marvin Austin, Curtis Brown
                    4 Top 100 picks (not in the top 75) - DeAndre McDaniel, Greg Romeus, Colin McCarthy, Christian Ponder
                    8 Players not ranked in the Top 100 - Niles Paul, Richard Gordon, D.J. Williams, Andrew Jackson, James Brewer, Sam Acho, Kelvin Sheppard, Jeron Johnson
                    1 Player still in the NCAA (NOT Andrew Luck) - Cyrus Gray

                    QB: Christian Ponder (Florida State)
                    RB: Cyrus Gray (Texas A&M)
                    H-Back: D.J. Williams (Arkansas)
                    WR1: Leonard Hankerson (Miami)
                    WR2: Niles Paul (Nebraska)
                    TE: Richard Gordon (Miami)
                    LT: Nate Solder (Colorado)
                    LG: Andrew Jackson (Fresno State)
                    C: Stefen Wisniewski (Penn St.)
                    RG: Marcus Cannon (TCU)
                    RT: James Brewer (Indiana)

                    LE: Sam Acho (Texas)
                    DT: Cameron Jordan (Cal)
                    DT: Marvin Austin (UNC)
                    RE: Greg Romeus (Pitt)
                    WOLB: Von Miller (Texas A&M)
                    MLB: Kelvin Sheppard (LSU)
                    SOLB: Colin McCarthy (Miami)
                    CB1: Patrick Peterson (LSU)
                    CB2: Curtis Brown (Texas)
                    S: DeAndre McDaniel (Clemson)
                    S: Jeron Johnson (Boise St.)

                    As far as scheme goes, the offense would run a very balanced WCO in the Bill Walsh style, which is to say, short-yardage and high completion percentage passing to slants and similar routes, with lots of misdirection running. The idea on offense is to get the ball into the hands of your playmakers, be it through passing or running. And with an O-line this beastly, I love that I could run a ball-control offense.

                    On defense, which I feel is the strength of my team, we would run a John Fox style 4-3, as that best suits the available talent. The two safeties would mirror responsibilities, rather than your typical FS/SS combo, an outdated idea in the modern NFL given how favorably the rules lean towards passing.

                    If you haven't noticed, I like me some athletes on defense.
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                      1 Top 5 pick
                      1 Top 15 pick (not in the top 5)
                      2 Top 30 picks (not in the top 15)
                      2 Top 50 picks (not in the top 30)
                      3 Top 75 picks (not in the top 50)
                      4 Top 100 picks (not in the top 75)
                      8 Players not ranked in the Top 100
                      1 Player still in the NCAA (NOT Andrew Luck)

                      Offense - Vertical passing with 60/40 pass run

                      QB- Ricky Stanzi (TOP 100)
                      RB- Trent Richardson (NCAA)
                      FB - Henry Hynoski (NOT TOP 100)
                      WR - AJ Green TOP 5
                      WR - Jon Baldwin (TOP 50)
                      LT - Joseph Barksdale (NOT TOP 100)
                      LG - John Moffitt (TOP 100)
                      C - Kristofer O’Dowd (NOT TOP 100)
                      RG - James Carpenter (NOT TOP 100)
                      RT - Gabe Carimi (TOP 50)
                      TE - D.J. Williams (Not top 100)

                      Base 4-3 with mix coverages and occasional blitzing.

                      DE -Adrian Clayborn (TOP 30)
                      DT - Marvin Austin (TOP 75)
                      DT - Jarrell Powe (TOP 75)
                      DE - Allen Bailey (TOP 30)
                      OLB - Ross Homan (NOT TOP 100)
                      ILB - Martez Wilson (TOP 75)
                      OLB - Casey Mathews (NOT TOP 100)
                      CB - Prince Amukamara TOP 15
                      CB - Brandyn Thompson (NOT RATED)
                      S - Deunta Williams (TOP 100)
                      S - Deandre McDaniel (TOP 100)
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                        QB: Matt Barkley (2012)
                        RB: Mikel Leshoure (75)
                        FB: Owen Marecic (Un)
                        WR: Jon Baldwin (50)
                        WR: Austin Pettis (Un)
                        TE: Lance Kendricks (75)
                        LT: Derrek Sherrod (30)
                        LG: John Moffitt (100)
                        C: Kristofer O'dowd (Un)
                        RG: Andrew Jackson (Un)
                        RT: Lee Ziemba (100)

                        DE: JJ Watt (30)
                        NT: Jerrell Powe (75)
                        DE: Sione Fua (Un)
                        OLB: Justin Houston (50)
                        ILB: Casey Matthews (Un)
                        ILB: KJ Wright (Un)
                        OLB: Greg Romeus (100)
                        CB: Patrick Peterson (5)
                        FS: Ahmad Black (100)
                        SS: Tyler Sash (Un)
                        CB: Prince Amukamara (15)


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                          Offense- Pro Style that will use the pass to set up the run with big receivers on the outside and a pass catching TE. The RB will be an active part of the passing game as well. Stretching the field vertically and horizontally.

                          Defense- 34.

                          QB Matt Barkley USC
                          FB Owen Marecic Stanford
                          RB DeMarco Murray OU
                          WR Terrence Tolliver LSU
                          WR AJ Green UGA
                          TE DJ Williams Arkansas
                          LT Nate Solder CU
                          LG John Moffitt Wisky
                          C Kristofer O'Dowd USC
                          RG Danny Watkins Baylor
                          RT Gabe Carimi Wisky

                          DE Cameron Heyward tOSU
                          NT Kenrick Ellis Hampton
                          DE Muhammed Wilkerson Temple
                          OLB Justin Houston UGA
                          ILB Martez Wilson Illinois
                          ILB Casey Mathews Oregon
                          OLB Thomas Keiser Stanford
                          CB Prince Amukamara Nebraska
                          FS Ahmad Black UF
                          SS DeAndre McDaniel Clemson
                          CB Davon House New Mexico St

                          Top 5- AJ Green
                          Top 15- Prince Amukamara
                          Top 30- Cameron Heyward, Nate Solder
                          Top 50 Justin Houston, Gabe Carimi
                          Top 75 DeMarco Murray, Muhammad Wilkerson, Martez Wilson
                          Top 100, Ahmad Black, Danny Watkins, DeAndre McDaniel, John Moffitt
                          Outside 100- Casey Mathews, Terrence Tolliver, DJ Williams, Kenrick Ellis Davon House, Kristofer O'Dowd, Thomas Keiser, Owen Marecic
                          NCAA- Matt Barkley


                          • #14
                            1 Top 5 pick- Nick Fairley
                            1 Top 15 pick (not in the top 5)- DaQuan Bowers
                            2 Top 30 picks (not in the top 15)- Ryan Kerrigan, Cory Liuget
                            2 Top 50 picks (not in the top 30)- Marcus Cannon, Rahim Moore
                            3 Top 75 picks (not in the top 50)- Brandon Burton, Orlando Franklin, Martez Wilson
                            4 Top 100 picks (not in the top 75)- Lee Ziemba, Ricki Stanzi, Jordan Toddman, John Moffit
                            8 Players not ranked in the Top 100- Davon House, Dion Lewis, Owen Marecic, Andrew Jackson, D.J Williams, Tyler Sash, K.J Wright, Terrence Tolliver
                            1 Player still in the NCAA (NOT Andrew Luck) Manti Te'O

                            QB: Ricki Stanzi
                            RB: Jordan Toddman, Dion Lewis
                            FB: Owen Marecic
                            WR: Terrence Tolliver
                            TE: D.J Williams
                            OT: Lee Ziemba, Orlando Franklin
                            OG: Marcus Cannon, Andrew Jackson
                            C: John Moffit

                            DE: DaQuan Bowers, Ryan Kerrigan
                            DT: Cory Liuget, Nick Fairley
                            OLB: Martez Wilson, K.J Wright
                            MLB: Manti Te'O
                            CB: Johnny Patrick, Davon House
                            FS: Rahim Moore
                            SS: Tyler Sash

                            Run Heavy Offense with the occasional bootleg + play action.
                            4-3 defense, that is very aggressive.

                            My offense obviously isn't the best but I like my two running backs behind a great run blocking line with obviously the occasional pass.
                            My defense is the strength of my team. My line gets pressure every down, which means I can drop more into coverage or just attack more with the 5th guy on the blitz.
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                              1 Top 5 pick
                              1 Top 15 pick (not in the top 5)
                              2 Top 30 picks (not in the top 15)
                              2 Top 50 picks (not in the top 30)
                              3 Top 75 picks (not in the top 50)
                              4 Top 100 picks (not in the top 75)
                              8 Players not ranked in the Top 100
                              1 Player still in the NCAA (NOT Andrew Luck)

                              QB: Chris Ponder - Might have went Gabbert if all this first round stuff didn't pop up. (top 100)
                              RB: Graig Cooper/Jacquizz Rodgers (not ranked)
                              FB: Owen Marecic (not ranked)

                              TE: Jordan Cameron (not ranked)
                              WR: Greg Little (top 100)
                              WR: Dwayne Harris (not ranked)
                              WR: DeAndre Brown

                              OL: Nate Solder (top 30)
                              OL: James Carpenter (not ranked)
                              C: Kris O'Dowd (not ranked)
                              OL: John Moffitt (top 100)
                              OL: Marcus Gilbert (not ranked)

                              DE: Kendrick Ellis (not ranked)
                              NT: Jerrell Powe (top 75)
                              DE: Cameron Heyward (top 30)

                              OLB: Brooks Reed (top 75)
                              ILB: KJ Wright (not ranked)
                              ILB: Mark Herzlich (top 50)
                              OLB/DE: Aldon Smith (top 15)

                              CB: Patrick Peterson (top 5)
                              CB: Janoris Jenkins (2012)

                              S: Ahmad Black (top 100)
                              S: Robert Sands (unranked)

                              P: Ryan Donahue (unranked)
                              K: Alex Henery

                              Tell me this isn't the best team in the thread. D is designed along the lines of a 3-4/46 hybrid...offense is led by a high percentage type passer with hands and YAC WRs and a jumbo interior OL for a power running game. I'd switch Carpenter to RG and Moffitt to LG.
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