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1/22 - Mock Draft Updated!

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  • 1/22 - Mock Draft Updated!

    I just made my fourth mock draft of the year, and the first post-underclassmen deadline, live!

    As always constructive criticism is not only welcomed but encouraged. However, please be sure to explain the reasoning behind your opinions just like I do in the mock or risk being infracted.

    Let's keep this thread fun and informative!

    Now... FIRE AWAY! :)
    Scott Wright, President


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    I am hitting the sack right after I post this because I am leaving for the airport in a few hours. I will be traveling all morning on my way to beautiful Mobile, Alabama to cover the Senior Bowl so I may not be able to stop by and respond to questions / comments until Saturday afternoon.

    Just wanted to let everyone know so people don't think I’m ignoring them!
    Scott Wright, President


    Draft Countdown Podcast, Every Tuesday at 8 PM EST and on iTunes


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      Man, I was going to stay up all night for this! This is a very pleasant suprise! Thanks a lot Scott!


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        I was gonna say in the Von Miller thread that I bet you'd have him going to the Bills. But I thought that was too gutsy! WOW WOW WOW!


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          Holy Von Miller, Batman!

          Love that we get a QB, but can't say that I would be pleased with Newton > Locker. I could live with it, though.


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            I don't dislike the KC pick because RT could be improved, but I don't think it's big enough to warrant a first round selection. Justin Houston would be a much much better pick for KC. We're a couple of players away from having a very good defense and outside of Tamba we can't get to the QB. OLB is arguably our biggest need (tied with WR, imo) and I can't believe they'd pass on Houston for a RT.

            Originally posted by fenikz
            His soft D really turns me off
            ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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              Von Miller is probably gonna go in the top 12 picks, but I just can't imagine him going #3, that's crazy. I love Miller, he has awesome glasses and is a beast...but if a pass rushing OLB is gonna go that high, it probably won't be an undersized one. Maybe an athletic freak like Robert Quinn, but Miller #3???? wow.

              Spot on Cleveland analysis Scott. We are sitting pretty for a good player to fall into our laps at #6 and we certainly could use any of the top players: Bowers, Quinn, Green, Peterson, Amukamara, Dareus, Fairley, Jones, etc.


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                PP not in the Top 5 is strange....

                I also cannot see San Francisco passing up on a QB when they have a chance to snatch 1/4 available.(Strange also)
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                Originally Posted by JoeJoeBrown
                The most important thing, however, is how strong their swagger factors are.
                South of the Mason Dixon +10 swagger
                Barely literate +5 swagger
                Thief +15 swagger
                Kicked off of a team of thugs +20 swagger
                Big, average speed -3 swagger
                Hasn't done jacksquat on the field +15 swagger
                Total Swagger: 62
                ATL College Park Zone 3* +20 swagger Bonus pts


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                  So, does the order for picks 29-32 indicate the fact that you're picking the home teams this weekend, or are you just ordering the final four teams by record?

                  Would any of those picks change if Green Bay and/or the Jets win this weekend?


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                    So you have the Bears over the Packers and Steelers over the Jets in this weekend's games, eh?
                    Credit to BoneKrusher for the Sig
                    RIP themaninblack


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                      I'm totally in agreement that Von Miller's stock will do what Vernon Gholston's stock did in 08. As long as he has a respectable number of bench presses, I totally see him sky rocketing in the draft (because he's going to be top 3 in all of his positional "track" events).

                      I disagree that Robert Quinn will be drafted that high. We saw how NFL teams respond to not playing an entire season with Dez Bryant. Most people agree he's a top 5 talent who was drafted outside of the top 20. I could see him falling. (and I don't just mean to my team... lol)

                      Dareus is an outstanding Browns pick. Utility DL that could play 43 or 34. While I don't love him at any DL position, I think he can play them all at a starter level in the NFL.

                      Patrick Peterson falling that far to the 49ers is a steal.

                      I don't think Mallett fits the offense Shanahan wants to run. He would either take someone else, trade down, or take Locker in the second (or trade back into the first. . .)

                      After having watched JJ Watt some more, I see a 43 DE. He may be able to play 34 DE, but I see a guy who would be better off losing 10 LBs and adding the explosion to his already explosive game. I'm not saying he's Mario Williams, but I could see a very talented (and slightly under-rated) pass rusher.

                      Aldon Smith and Cameron Heyward both are great Patriots picks.
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                        Originally posted by keylime_5 View Post
                        I love Miller, he has awesome glasses and is a beast...but if a pass rushing OLB is gonna go that high, it probably won't be an undersized one.
                        Don't be so quick to label Miller undersized, especially until we see what he weighs at the Senior Bowl on Monday. Remember, he was a verefied 240 pounds about a year ago and that is exactly what Clay Matthews was at the Scouting Combine when he was coming out. Also, DeMarcus Ware was 251 pounds coming out of Troy. My guess is Miller winds up somewhere in between.
                        Scott Wright, President


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                          It's as if people only watched the last game of the Chiefs' season. No OL spot has been an issue for this team. The only situation I see them needing an OL is if Wiegmann retires. Then OC is the #1 need, and would be sought at #21.

                          Chiefs fans told everyone the team was fine at OT last year, and we were obviously right. Do we really need to have this conversationa gain? Richardson is still fairly young and was very raw the first couple of years in KC. He's developed into a pretty decent RT, and we should see another huge step for him in 2011. Richardson filled in for O'Callaghan, and then took his job. When the Chiefs were happy with O'Callaghan, and Richardson performs so well that he takes O'Callaghan's job, why would they be looking at OT this year? The only thing that's changed is the RT situation has improved greatly.

                          When dealing with the OL, Pioli stresses continuity more than anything. They're happy with their OL, and they should be. It's a good unit.

                          The problems with that team lie with overall depth and talent at WR (outside opposite Bowe and slot). WR isn't a position that looks very good where they're drafting and Pioli's tendencies definitely go away from taking a WR in the first round. I could see them grabbing someone like Seizure in the 2nd or 3rd.

                          In the first, you're probably looking at defensive line with the slight possibility of Kyle Rudolph if he's available.
                          On Von Miller...I compare him to a much more experienced Clay Matthews coming out of college. Same type of player. Very smart, but with good instincts to complete the package. He can be moved around a lot in a 3-4 to cause serious problems.
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                            As I do agree about the 49ers pick and the Defense needs is better then QB.I feel that our coaching staff can get one in round two.The is more a bigger need .We can still go after Stanzi or Dalton later rounds perhaps .However, just maybe we get Locker if he really shines and up his stock next week.You guys have fun at Mobile give us all the inside new on the seniors ! One more week woot !


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                              You're not going to get a QB in Round 2. That never works. Not really counting Brees or Kolb because those guys were targetted and drafted essentially in the first round for all intents and purposes.

                              I think the 49ers roll with Alex Smith again...and they should.



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