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Can Casey Matthews Play OLB?

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  • Can Casey Matthews Play OLB?

    I see every scout has him labeled as an inside linebacker and unfortunately I do not think he is one and it's showing in the Senior Bowl and he's getting eaten up. I think he'll be more productive on the edge as a pass rusher. Did anybody see him go from the other side of the formation and swap the ball from Cam Newton's hand in the title game? Is he too small to play 3-4 OLB? How about 4-3 OLB?
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    In a 4-3 defense he could absolutely play the weakside linebacker spot, its not that he is particularly athletic its that he has a good feel for the game, he doesn't look lost in space, he diagnoses things fairly quickly, he can defend the flat, while he doesn't have long speed he has the lateral quickness to stick with tight ends in and out of breaks and he is fairly polished in coverage. As a weakside linebacker in a 4-3 defense he could succeed.

    He is too small, not explosive enough, not strong enough and lacking in pass rushing moves and acumen that he cannot play the 3-4 OLB position. If you've ever watched him play most of his pressure and sacks come from when he comes in clean (i.e. unblocked).

    And whoever wrote that in your sig is right, Casey Matthews is no where near a first round value and you could likely get him in the third or fourth rounds because of his lacking athleticism.



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