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5 Names Set To Get Hyped

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  • 5 Names Set To Get Hyped

    Alright, so we got alot of the Senior Bowl guys...the names we heard during the week and such...Titus Young, who looks like the 3rd best WR prospect and will get thrown into alot of first round mocks...Phil Taylor got his this week and is now a legit top 2 round prospect unless he bombs the combine...Austin Pettis will start moving up in mocks maybe as high as round 2...the BYU G should get drafted, maybe even in the 3-4 range, because of his Senior Bowl or at least he'll show up in more mocks earlier...Everyone got to see that Kelvin Sheppard is a monster...

    5 guys who'll start getting their hype through February and March:

    Kenrick Ellis - I think he's just as good as Taylor, and probably a little bit better. Really productive DT/NT/DE for Hampton, a school that has produced two other decent 3-4 DL in Kendall Langford and Marcus Dixon. Unlike Vince Oghobaase the DL I hyped up last year, this guy is healthy and probably going to be worthy of my pre-pre-hype.

    Jabaal Sheard - Another guy who could easily go in the first with a dominant combine, but either way he's got a chance to really raise his stock. Everyone knows the talent in there, and if puts up "workout warrior" numbers then someone will take the risk. I like him as a 3-4 OLB prospect if he's quick enough.

    Bruce Carter - At least people remember Quinn and got to see Austin this week.

    Weslye Saunders - Another top prospect who lost 2010 because he talked to an agent. They profit off these kids, call their sports "programs" now, and these kids can't talk to future employers...Anyway, that was all easy to say, but he's going to have to do well at the combine with interviews. Could have been the best TE in this class, and has some similarities to Brand Pettigrew from a couple years ago.

    Joseph Barksdale - Every year there's a jumbo sized college LT who shouldn't and couldn't possibly be able to play at LT let alone be drafted as one....Could explode with a strong last two months.

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    I like Jabaal Sheard a lot, if he falls to the third I would love for the Patriots to give him a look. Weslye Saunders is a beast and some team will be happy that they took a chance on him.

    Joseph Barksdale is extremely talented but he is soft.


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      You meant the Baylor G, Danny Watkins I guess...

      Go Canuck! make us proud!


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        Originally posted by RedVision View Post
        You meant the Baylor G, Danny Watkins I guess...

        Go Canuck! make us proud!
        His talent is up there, but his age will hurt his draft stock. You don't want a guy to be in the "prime age" as a rookie. (27 year old rookie. . . not good)
        **** her in da *****!


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          That fact that Taylor has already become the benchmark for NT says something. With his performance this week, all he needs is good weight room numbers and his interviews. Ellis has more to prove.


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            ^^ That he does. That said, there's nothing about him that says he won't be able to pull it off...well except not lasting at Souf Carolina.



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