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Davon House, CB, New Mexico St.

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  • Davon House, CB, New Mexico St.

    How high can this guy go? I think he was invited to the senior bowl but didn't participate (as most of the top senior CB's didn't). Has been invited to the combine.

    Didn't he completely shut down Jamel Hamler in NMSU's game against Fresno St? I'm not sure how high Hamler is expected to go, but obviously he felt compelled to come out early for some reason.

    Could he be one of the top 7-8 cornerbacks to come off the board and potentially be a 3rd rounder? Or perhaps even higher?

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    I think he will go 3rd or 4th round probably. He is fast and can get the INT's but he is skinny and will definitely need to bulk up. I go to NMSU and have seen just about every single one of his games. It's tough to put a mark on him because NMSU is god awful and went through 2 coaching changes and a couple of defensive coordinators while House has been there so he has had to learn different schemes. He had a tough year this year compared to his other years in my opinion. Most of the plays against Fresno State were mostly running plays because Robbie Rouse ran through and around our defense and they barely even went to the air. By halftime the game was over and Fresno State had in their second and third stringers. I think House's worst game was against San Diego State but they were extremely competitive this year. Vincent Brown had his way with House. I remember there was one deep bomb where House was stuck in no man's land all by himself.

    One thing I really like about House is he isnt afraid to come up and support the run. He put some good licks on quite a few RB's over his career.



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