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Todd McShay - Conference call with media (Audio)

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  • Todd McShay - Conference call with media (Audio)

    McShay on defensive end class: "I don't think there's a position with more quality depth." Says Ryan Kerrigan is great fit for TB Bucs.

    McShay says top three CBs are 1) Patrick Peterson, LSU 2) Prince Amukamara, Nebraska 3) Jimmy Smith, Colorado

    McShay on Jimmy Smith: "Some off-field things that still need to be investigated. If he checks out, he's gonna be a mid first-round pick."

    McShay on Cam Newton's character: "I've heard concerns about how he is as a teammate." Mentions "a sense of entitlement" for Newton.

    McShay on Kyle Rudolph: "The biggest thing is his medical. ... I think his hands are rock solid." Expects Rudolph to be 1st TE drafted.

    McShay on Miami DE Allen Bailey: "Has all the tools. It just hasn't come together yet. Part of it is his inconsistent effort."

    McShay also questions Allen Bailey's instincts, but "could wind up being a steal in the second round." Ideal position is left end in a 4-3.

    McShay says Leonard Hankerson from Miami FLprojects as a No. 2 WR in the NFL.

    McShay on Mike Pouncey: "Problem is that he's compared to his brother...his brother is just at a different level."

    McShay on Florida DB Ahmad Black: "I've got him with a third-round grade. Not a great safety class, and that helps him. He's just small."

    McShay on Pat Devlin: "Problem is...he's not a great athlete. Doesn't have an overly strong arm. Accuracy & footwork inconsistent."

    McShay on USC OT Tyron Smith:"Most underrated offensive lineman in this class." Suggests he could be a top-ten pick.

    McShay on Ryan Williams: "That burst and lateral quickness & ability to get in and out of holes quickly is what separates him from most RBs"

    McShay projects Va Tech RB Ryan Williams to be early second-round pick. For teammate Darren Evans, "more in the fourth-round range."

    McShay on Purdue DE Ryan Kerrigan: "He's not a great athlete. ...He struggles with dropping and turning... His strength is getting upfield."

    McShay compares Ryan Kerrigan to Rams DE Chris Long. "I'd like to see him in a 4-3" at the next level. "Much better fit."

    McShay on Blaine Gabbert: "He's more of an Aaron Rodgers type." Suggests Cam Newton doesn't have same work ethic as Gabbert.

    McShay on defensive end class: "I think there could be nine guys (in the first round."

    McShay on Mizzou DE Aldon Smith: "Bottom line is he can get after the quarterback" Says Smith needs to be a 4-3 end, not 3-4 OLB. RE in 4-3.

    McShay on RB class: "It's not a great draft (if you're looking for a starting running back)" Only "one guy belongs in 1st rd" - Mark Ingram.

    McShay on DaQuan Bowers vs Nick Fairley: "I just think Bowers provides more consistency ... and in terms of run and pass (defense)."

    McShay on Nick Fairley: "I've seen him take some plays off on tape that Bowers doesn't take off."

    McShay on Baylor LT Danny Watkins, who projects to offensive guard: "He's moving up the board. He's ready to play (in the NFL)."

    McShay on UNC DE Robert Quinn: "Robert Quinn is a good young man who's made some mistakes. ... He really needed another year (in college)."

    McShay suggests Jake Locker will probably be a late first-round pick. Ryan Mallett could fall to the 2nd. Colin Kaepernick 3rd-4th round.

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