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Better Than Johnny Mac - Trick Shot QB

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  • Better Than Johnny Mac - Trick Shot QB

    Alex Tanney - Div III All-Star!

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    The facilities at Monmouth are really nice.


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      I used to run against him in track
      Sam Bradford will be a bust- 2/24/2010

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        Like some of the comments on the video said, this could have taken days to film and they just put together the best shots.

        As on comment said, it took them four days to film.

        It could have taken him 100 attempts per throw to hit it. Is it still somewhat impressive? Sure. But, a lot of people could eventually make some of these throws with a little luck and enough attempts.


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          The UConn film was made in a day, with the longest take being 20 tries.


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            Maybe this summer I should get a small team and do some of this stuff. It's not so much how hard it is, but how lucky you can get on one throw (and catch it on video).

            I am not trying to sound too negative towards it, because it's cool to see... but it's not like we know they did it in under a year even.
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