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Ronald Johnson, WR, USC

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  • Ronald Johnson, WR, USC

    Anyone with any good info. on RJ, I am looking at him as a WR prospect in the later rounds for the Packers. Character issues? Ups/Downs? Likes/Dislikes?


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    I don't think he really has any character issues, right? I know he's got a great set of wheels and is an underrated route runner but his injury issues and consistency are an issue. I think he's a 4th-6th rounder at best but I'm not as a fit for the Packers, I say no...but I could be wrong.


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      His speed seems on and off to me. Sometimes he looks like the faster player on the field, and sometime he just looks plain sluggish.

      Hes a good route runner, but has very suspect hands. Hes a 5th to 6th round prospect imo.


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        Keep in mind that he'll double as a return man as well, so that might lift him into the 4th round.
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          I wouldn't mind Steve Smith light with KR/PR ability in the 4th or 5th for the Giants. We could use a little extra receiver depth and we desperately need someone in the return game.

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            Originally posted by ellsy82 View Post
            Keep in mind that he'll double as a return man as well, so that might lift him into the 4th round.
            That's what we're looking for in Green Bay. Our returners need upgrading both on PR and KR, and that can come from a #5 WR ideally.


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              Pro's: High character and extremely hard worker. Straight line speed is good, and has quick feet. Tough, and is willing to do anything the coaches tell him to do. Return ability. Good route runner, and a smart player.

              Con's: not very fluid, which dampers his mobility in general. Doesn't always catch with his hands, and will allow the ball to hit his body. Has trouble catching the ball if he doesn't get good separation, and will drop tough catches.


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                Can someone explain to me why he was seen as more dynamic a playmaker earlier in his career and just sort of stopped doing that/started being looked at in a different light? I remember a few years ago people were touting him as a bigger talent.

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                  I know he broke his collarbone a couple years ago and then he had some sort of other small nagging injuries as well. He was very highly touted as a high school player but I always thought he was more suited as a cornerback rather than receiver though, but that's here and there.

                  But yeah, I think injuries had to do with some of his downfall as a potential superstar at the collegiate level.

                  I was higher on him earlier in the year than I am now, but I still think he can be a solid contributor in some sort of aspect at the next level. His natural talent and work ethic are just too much to not be utilized.


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                    He was more dynamic as a slot guy with Mark Sanchez at the helm, opposed to being the no.1 or 2 guy. Somebody that you let go deep. His flaws came out in the light this year as the no.1 guy. True Freshman Robert Woods surpassed him before the season was over (but Woody is a special player in his own right).


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                      I think he had better run well at the combine, that can be said about a ton of guys but someone like Johnson who doesnt really wow anyone in any one category it espcially applies. He always did well against the U of Wash. but who didnt.



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