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Anyone Else Really Like the RB Class?

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  • Anyone Else Really Like the RB Class?

    The more I look at it, the more I think this could end up being a sleeper good RB class. I'm a fan of a number of the guys at the top, I think Ingram, Leshore, Murray, Williams could all end up being legit number 1 backs.

    Then theres a group of 2nd type backs who I could see succeeding with Todman, Devine, Hunter (I see him as that atleast).

    But then theres also a big group of mid/late round guys who I wouldn't be surprised to see develop into starters as well. The group of Jamie Harper, Daniel Thomas, Dion Lewis, Graig Cooper, Evans, Bradford, etc could be nice as well.

    Even though theres no "elite" talents, the top has a number of talented guys and then there is some serious depth all the way through. These kinds of classes tend to end up being the best anyways.

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    No. There are a couple guys I like, but overall I don't think this class is anything special.


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      i will say i like a lot of the RBs in this class.... however, I only think that Ingram and Leshoure have the potential to be #1s. That being said, there are alot of intriguing 3rd down backs in the draft.

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        LESHOURE! But it looks like his stock is rising the quickest out of the RBs...I was hoping to steal him in fantasy drafts. *sighs*


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          I like a few guys but i think that the majority of big names are overrated like thomas, murray, devine, and hunter.

          my faves are:

          ryan williams
          delone carter
          alex green
          dion lewis
          keith payne
          jamie harper

          bilal powell
          stevan ridley
          mario fannin

          I really like dion lewis and ryan williams and i can't shake the feeling that they both might turn out to be the best runners in this draft not named leshoure.
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            Who is this Ryan Matthews you speak of?

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              Yeah, this is one of the most disappointing draft classes for RB in a few years.


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                Originally posted by SeanTaylorRIP View Post
                Who is this Ryan Matthews you speak of?
                I guess since Ryan Mathews was so disappointing for the Chargers last year they have agrred to let him enter the draft again.

                But in all seriousness, I bet he is talking about Ryan Williams. Personally, besides Ingram, who I think will be excellent, I'm a fan of DeMarco Murray and Taiwan Jones.

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                  I'm a fan. I see a lot of mid-rounders that can come in and make impacts; Ryan Williams, Daniel Thomas, Jordan Todman, DeMarco Murray, Taiwan Jones, Kendall Hunter, Derrick Locke, Shane Vereen, Delone Carter, Bilal Powell, Da'Rel Scott, Dion Lewis and Roy Helu could all come in a make an impact rookie year. Meanwhile, I really do believe Leshoure and Ingram will become elite backs in this league.


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                    Ingram is the best RB in the class, but he's a good bet to be a good RB, but he doesn't project to be spectacular. I know the Emmitt Smith comparisons have dropped, but unless he has an OL like Emmitt's he will fall well short of that level (understatement).

                    This class doesn't have an elite talent like a Chris Johnson, CJ Spiller, or Darren McFadden.


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                      i dislike this class tbh, it has depth but the best back is ingram and he to is a very limited prospect with good instincts but limited physical talent and a tough fit. the depth is good though, there are guys who can be found late on in the draft that still will be likely contributors

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                        There are a bunch of mid rounders I like but it's very thin at the top.

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                          I really like this class a lot too. Within the first three rounds I think guys like Ingram, LeShoure, Ryan Williams, Kendall Hunter, Daniel Thomas and Quizz Rodgers will all end up being at least solid running backs in the NFL, if not really good.

                          Guys in the later rounds that could also impress IMO will be Delone Carter, Dion Lewis, Anthony Allen, Allen Bradford, Damien Berry and Taiwan Jones.

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                            Uhhhh, hell no. Lot's 3-5th round talent.



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                              I'm glad this topic came up, because I was looking at this group of running backs the other day and realized that as a class, I LOVE them. No, there is no sure-fire, can't-miss premiere talent. And not many of them look very dynamic. But all I see is a BUNCH of solid, mid-round runners who can all find ways to contribute. There are a bunch of tough runners and a bunch of guys who seem to have low bust potential.

                              I really don't remember the last time there was this little separation between running backs 2 through 10. I have no idea what order they'll go in, and there honestly aren't many that I just absolutely wouldn't want on my team. Except Noel Devine, who I do not like at all.



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